Solve the following multiple-choice questions by placing the letter of the answer on the right. 1. A control system where the output variable is compared with an input parameter, and their difference is used to drive the output is called: a. Open-loop control b. Closed-loop control c. None of the above answers 2. The type of discrete control for the execution of event-driven changes is called: a. Sequential control b. Combinational logic control 3. When the OR logic gate is used for two input switches, it indicates that the two switches are arranged in what form? a. Series b. Parallel 4. The study of moving bodies and parts that is focused on calculating the desired pose of the end effector based on the joint angles and length of the links of the robot is called: a. Inverse kinematics b. Forward kinematics 5. A robot's pose is defined through its: a. Orientation b. Position c. All of the above

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