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This is basically the flat pattern with measurements. The house it's supposed to look like the last picture given in question file. Nee to write flat patterns with measurements done in AutoCAD.

Project is to design a new research center for student university in this empty land send the location. 2 different design that want to draw them on AutoCad (Given in PDF) The big building I want the scale to be 70k(70,000) ft^2 and the welcome center scale to be 30k(30,000) ft^2. If there is anything you want to edit like roads or anything on the design it's fine but not to much. Later on on we need to do a parking spots where student drew them in the pdf,

ACAD1-5 Kitchen Interior Elevations Project Brief: In this project, you are required to draw and annotate a set of interior elevations that describe the millwork (cabinets) and equipment for a new kitchen. This project will require the use of the provided floor plan to understand the extents of the elevations of the new kitchen. For additional AutoCAD information, refer to the modules found in AutoCAD 2023 Student Notes.

Reading Assignment 4.5(textbook)- Read thoroughly before you start. The scope of this project is to design a full Bridge Rectifier circuit to the following specifications: Use DIN4002 or a similar one for bridge. The diodes available must have a 0.70 V drop when conducting.Use a source voltage that results in an average output voltage of 16 V at Vout. Use a source frequency of 60 Hz.Assume that a 1 V peak to peak ripple voltage is acceptable.Must be able to provide 20 mA to load resistor R.. ANALYSIS: Calculate a)Required rms voltage that must appear at source

Horizontal Curve Problem The point of intersection (P.I.) of two tangent lines is station 115+66. The radius of curvature is 1,100 feet, and the angle of deflection is 50°. Find the length of the curve, the stations for the P.C. and P.T.,and all other relevant characteristics of the curve (LC, M, E). Please work the above problem and type out your solution and all formulas, explaining each step(this will be graded accordingly!). Sketch the curve layout in AutoCAD and include all dimensions.Include the sketch as a figure and submit a single PDF. If you have questions or need a hand on the AutoCAD, please let me know! I am very glad to help with that! Call, text, email, or stop by my office! :)

2. Are you enrolled in Senior Design this semester? Yes No

Circuit Simulation: Use ORCAD to accurately show/determine output voltage and current characteristics for parts (a), (b), (c), (d), (e).All items below must be shown. i)Show diode model parameters used- show library page ii)Use source voltage for 5 cycles only – show probe ii)Determine ripple voltage at the far side of the curve as it approaches steady state-use cursors at a peak and trough and report the difference– show probe iv)Show output voltage and output current for parts (a), (c), (d), (e). ALL data MUST be READABLE off the probes (do not use dark ink background). v)Tabulate summary Results (see below):

3. Do you have any experience with computer-aided design software (circle)? Do you have access to the software currently? Do you have access to a computer that is adequate for basic work in the software? AutoCAD Civil 3D SolidWorks Other __________ i. What is your proficiency in the software? ii. Do you have access to the software currently? iii. Do you have access to a computer that is adequate for doing simple design drawings in the software?

Considering ongoing autonomous box palletizer using a robotic manipulator, please using homogeneous transforms: A. Derive, showing each stage, the position of joints,and the end-effector. Use pen and paper, no word processing! B. Produce an animation of the manipulator from the initial position, picking the box, and place it in the pallet. The animation should display your name,email, and PID.

e) Peak DC current thru the diodes

b)Required values of the filter capacitor Cp and load resistor R.

1. Degree Program (circle one):BS MS PhD in ________ Engineering If BS, do you plan to attend graduate school (circle one)? *Yes *No *After working for a while *Not sure Are you in the Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)? Yes No

d) Average DC current

[10] 1. Find a building in your neighborhood (or any building you like) and discuss the following: 1) [5] Structural members of the building (flexural, axial, and so on) 2) [5] Load-resisting systems for lateral loads Note: include at least one picture and brief drawing of the structural members using AUTOCAD, write at least 4 page with font 12 excluding the pictures and drawings.

1) Drawing 1 Use the following layers: -Use construction lines as follows:-Distance between horizontal center line and top of key way: 0.95 -Width of key way: 0.36 -Units are Engineering with precision 0.0.00" and Inches. Step 1 Make the layers as desired. Step 2 Draw three circles with Dia. 1.5, 2.5, 4 and Radius 4 & 4.5 with center at the same point. Step 3 Draw vertical and horizontal lines and two inclined lines at 30° &150°Step 4 Draw offset lines @ 0.25 parallel to vertical and inclined lines. Step 4 Draw tangent lines to two outer and two inner circles as shown. Step 5 Draw circles with radius 0.25 at the intersection of circle with dia.4 and the vertical and inclined lines. Step 6 Draw six circles with radius 1.5 with center on the outer circle but midway between the lines intersecting the circle. Step 7 Draw a key way rectangle measuring .95 x. 36 with intersection the center of all the circles. -Place finished drawing in the title block and print the layout to the .pdf file -Write down your name and date in the title block before printing

c) PIV rating of the diode

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