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Title: Complete a conceptual map and written report setting out the issues faced in a specific practice setting in relation to organisational culture, multidisciplinary working, professional boundaries, values and ethics. Students may choose any area of social care to focus on and complete the map in any chosen format. In completing this assignment you should ensure you demonstrate how you meet the modules learning objectives: 1. Demonstrate an ability to explain the social work role in a range of contexts. 2. Demonstrate an ability to identify and explain how professional boundaries impacts on relationships with other professionals, individuals, groups and communities within social work practice. 3. Demonstrate an ability to understand and explain the requirement to work in partnership with others within an organisational context. 4. Demonstrate an ability to understand and explain the need to work with others (service users and professionals) to promote social justice, equality and inclusion and to be aware of the impact of culture, diversity and their own values on practice within organisational contexts. Referencing: You will also need to ensure you appropriately reference all sources. Please refer to Harvard referencing guidance or request further support from Academic Skills. Both of these can be accessed here: SkillsNet (

Consider the various "schools of thought" around entrepreneurship outlined in chapter 1, both from the macro and micro perspectives. From which perspec- tive(s) did your subject approach the start-up of his or her business venture? That is, what were the motivating and enabling factors that suggested a start- up might be viable? Discuss and get their perspective on at least two of the entrepreneurial "myths" outlined in the text. Michael Gerber's E-Myth (see page 7) discusses the three types of people in small business: the entrepreneur, the manager, the technician. Which do you think is the predominant function of your subject? Explain. Entrepreneurial mindset/ Personality characteristics What are the main characteristics and essential skills that the founder(s) of this company has employed that have led to success? Give brief examples as evidence. (Ref. the lists and concepts in chapter 2.) Do the traits you perceive in this person align with the traits he/she attributes to themselves? Explain.

Background information: Tudor Ltd, a producer of potato chips (crisps), plans to launch a new flavoured crisp to celebrate its 50th year as a potato chips producer. The Research and Development Department has suggested the following 'new' flavours. • Wasabi and Beef • • Bolognese and Parmesan Indian Tandoori Mexican Chilli Only one of these flavours will be chosen as the 50th Anniversary flavour. Task: You have been asked by Tudor's owners to provide a report which: • Discusses methods of primary and secondary research that could be used to research the market for the new flavoured potato chips. Presents and analyse the findings of primary market research you have undertaken to identify the flavour of crisps that would be most popular in your country or country where you study. (Note: You could carry out market research with fellow students, but you must present and analyse these individually). Recommend appropriate above-the-line and below-the-line methods of promotion for the launch into the market of the chosen flavour of chips to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.

1. TOPIC-Taj Hotel Group "as a CEO of region "INDIA 2. Reference Style - APA 7th edition 3. *Don't use we. Use "T" as CEO of organization while doing in the assessment* 4. Follow the Instruction in the assessment brief and answer the following question the same format of heading and subheading.

To produce a structured report identifying three applications for a selected and studied client which suggests and evaluates two methodologies for their development.

1. List their Distinctive Competence. Is it correct? What do they need to adjust? How should they be used strategically to win? (150 words) 2. What are their stated worries - supported with why and if they can address it. (150 words) 3. TOWS assessment - Strategically and HR strategy (300 words)

TOPIC IS STAFF MOTIVATION description of topic is the effects of staff motivation on employees and businesses please tie the report to jamaica from time to time it should be in APA format • Give a detailed literature review

Assignment instruction Company: Lenovo Below, I will attach an example of how each section is supposed to look. The example document is on Colgate, which will be attached in the reference file section. We need to do sections 5-8 right now, including data and all. Please cite sources in APA format, just like in the example below. Also, I was told that financial statements can be used from this website's annual report. I am guessing that all you do is type in the name of the company you chose, which is Lenovo. The student did the first sections, which is sections 1-4 so now just needs to add onto it with sections 5-8 by using the Colgate project example as a guide to do it exactly the same way but just with the company Lenovo.

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