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11. The portion of the peritoneum surrounding the abdominal organs is known as which one of the following? a) Mesentery b Omentum C)Parietal peritoneum d Retroperitoneum e Visceral peritoneum

02) A bean variety (K131) was subjected to two different processing methods to produce bean flour. In the processing technique one, the beans were soaked in distilled water for 24 h, followed by germination for 48 h. The beans were then roasted at 170°C for 45 min in an oven. A wonde rmill was used to mill the germinated beans and the obtained flour was stored until further use. In the processing technique two, the beans were extruded using a twin-screw extruder using three heating temperatures 60°C, 130°C, and 150°C. The flour contained 15% moisture in the end. The extruded beans were milled into flour and stored until further use. A sauce for human consumption was made at the same conditions using the two bean types prepared from the above techniques. A sensory evaluation was run using 100 panellists on the sauce, evaluating eight sensory attributes.See the table 01 for the data obtained on the sensory evaluation. I.Describe physicochemical changes that beans might have undergone during processing (10marks) II.Explain why each technique affected the sensory properties on each sauce type differently Ш.Select one product from above and explain what would you do differently to improve each sensory property? (15 marks).

2. What would you predict might happen to this relationship if nitrogen were added to the system?

10. The chemical and mechanical processes of food breakdown are calleda) Digestionb) Absorptionc) Ingestiond) Secretion

01) Goat milk contains a high nutrient profile compared to cow milk. Whey protein of goat milks extensively studied which, therefore, is being considered incorporating into fruit beverages.Whey-fruit flavored beverages are subjective to reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. A research group recently developed a whey-orange flavored juice using microfiltration technology. Imagine that you are one of the researchers of this study group and are asked to develop a sensory analysis test for this beverage. (a) Explain the term 'sensory evaluation' as it applies to food (5 marks). And make a list of the sensory attributes that you are planning to evaluate? (5 mark s). (b) Make a seven-point scale sensory table for each sensory attribute you selected (10 marks). (c) Briefly describe two main methods that can be used for conducting sensory evaluation of this beverage product (20 marks).


Biotechnology Article Critique Assignment Title of the article: Suggested Improvements for the Allergenicity Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants Used in Foods.

A. Multiple Choice Questions Answer all multiple-choice questions in the provided grey box beside each question, for example: Examine Figure 1. For questions 1-5, match the following: a) Mucosa b) Submucosa 3 Muscularis externa 4 Serosa 5 Lumen 1. Which tissue layer of the GI tract has a nerve plexus that regulate movements and secretions? 2. Which tissue layer of the GI tract is responsible communicates with the visceral peritoneum? 3. Which tissue layer of the GI tract is responsible for the absorption of nutrients? 4.Which part of the GI tract is responsible for the passage of chyme through the small intestine? 5.What tissue layer of the GI tract contains smooth and skeletal muscles important for peristalsis.


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