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1) Review the sets of raw numerical data that have been provided in the tables below and convert them to percentages to illustrate the results. 2) Provide an analysis of these, identifying themes, patterns and trends that appear to be occurring. As a part of this analysis, consider the possible issues that have been revealed by the data.

Q2 Structure and Content of the Consulting Report (8/11) 8.0 Performance Appraisal Form Build a performance appraisal form, how often do you think the performance appraisal form should be filled in and why? Put the performance review form in the appendix

4. Mohammed wants to hire Khalil as a carpenter, and asks your opinion about the employment contract that he prepares for Khalil. Mohammed wants to offer Khalil a fixed term contract for six years. According to the contract, Khalil's wage shall be reduced by 10% every year. Please explain Mohammed your opinion about this contract.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL FORM - GMU IMBA PROGRAM 1. Project (research topic) Title The Influence of Brand Ambassador, Brand Image, and Korean Pop Culture on Purchase Decision of Aloe Vera Product from Nature Republic in Indonesia 2. Introduction (600 words) (a) Provide a brief Introduction to your research topic, giving out the business company/ Industry overview, Including the issues/ problems prevalent in the organisation/ concerned Industry/sector. (b) Give out the aim of the research project, objectives and the research questions of your project work.

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