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Report Contents: Title: Biological Indicators of water pollution • Introduction • List of Indicators (Examples: E.coli, Listeria, etc.) and details about each one. • Conclusion • References

Antimicrobial drugs that block cross-linking of peptidoglycan are

Which is not a part of the name of a restriction enzyme, e.g. EcoRI?

Which DNA stain are we using in Lab 7: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis?

Explain how deep freshwater lakes can become stratified. Describe the characteristics of each trophic zone in a stratified freshwater lake. Include information about oxygen level, temperature, and density.

What type of media is the actinomycetes isolation agar (AIA) that we use in Lab 12:Streptomyces? Choose all that apply.

Replacing the defective gene responsible for sickle-cell anemia is an example of

In Lab 8: Bacterial Transformation, what would happen if we plated our transformed bacteria onto LB without kanamycin?

Identify the different shapes and normal range of sizes that bacterial cells can adopt. Use technical terms, and make sure to include the different arrangements that the cells may end up in, depending on their planes of division.

Include any endocrine disorder or neurological disorder.

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