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Read Case on Dow Corning and answer the following: • What were the main factors involved in Dow Corning changing from functional structure to a divisional and then to a matrix structure? • What problems did the company encountered with the matrix structure? How might the problems have been minimized? • What structure would be most appropriate for the company to aid its recovery? • What major strategies were they employing during each organizational structure? • How did/did not the structure support the corporate strategies? APA formatting - References and Intext citations are required. Pages 7-8 with Introduction and Conclusion as well.

Assessment event should be the "Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival". Hunter Valley is a wine producing region in NSW, Australia. Need to propose a new event and not write on an existing event.

The topic is Impact Investing as a new approach to international development.

MHACB/560 Competency 2 Assessment and Rubric Course Title: Creating a Sustainable Legacy: Healthy Communities Competency Assessment Title: Sustainability Initiative Stakeholder Engagement Analysis and Strategy Assignment Directions It is important to identify both internal and external stakeholders for your sustainability initiative. It is through identification of and communication with these stakeholders that you will understand what partnerships might benefit the initiative. These can include community leaders, organizations, and even patients, their families, and friends. The top leadership of your selected organization has requested that you prepare a stakeholder engagement analysis and strategy for your sustainability initiative. Part I: Stakeholder identification analysis: Prepare a 350- to 400-word identification and analysis of the key internal and external stakeholders essential to your initiative's success. Include the following: • Identify key internal and external stakeholders who are essential to the success of your initiative. Provide evidence for your choices. Identify partnerships that can be formed between organizations to foster collaboration or healthy competition. Provide evidence for your choices. Identify community leaders who can use power and influence to further the initiative on your behalf. Provide evidence for your choices. Part II: Patient engagement strategy Develop a 350- to 400-word strategy for how you will engage patients and their friends or family to participate in your initiative (directly or indirectly). Part III: Promotional media strategy Develop a 350- to 400-word promotional media strategy and promotional elements for your sustainability initiative that will be used to reach your identified stakeholders. Include the following: • A 90-to 175-word script for a 30- to 60-second online advertisement that promotes your sustainability initiative, advocates for sustainable health care practices, and invites the community to action. • A storyboard that outlines the advertisement. Complete the Script and Storyboard Template for this part of the assignment. (TEMPLATE IS ATTACHED IN NEXT FILE) • Four social media posts in the platform of your choosing that promotes your initiative and invites the community to get involved. (30-40 words per post) Note: You do not have to actually post these online but indicate on which platform you would post them.

Assessment Case Study Report - Strategic Management: Crown resorts limited

Case study: IKEA digital business strategy TASK (250-500 words max) Create a list of benchmark industries you want to compare to (as it may belong to multiple industries - ex: which industry does Apple belong to?) - Retail furniture market - Home improvement market

Using the templates to create a qualitative research designs- to examine critical issues related to literacy. The template consists of formulating specific research questions that align with sophisticated methods of data collection and analysis, specifying the explicit design, identifying the approaches to ensure high rates of reliability and validity, and forecasting potential implications of the research. Please include appropriate citations using APA 7 formatting. There is no specific page limit for this assignment. You must use the provided templates.

● Describe how the company is currently conducting their sales management. Provide an overview of the company. ● Describe three flaws in their current system and why you believe them to be flaws. ● Present improvements you would make to their current system. ● Develop an innovative prospecting strategy/technique. ● Discuss measurement techniques you will utilize to evaluate the outcome of your improvements.

As GB's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you are required to prepare a report addressing the following questions: 1. Explain the usefulness of cash and accounting break-even points as management tools. Based on the forecasted increase in sales, do Project A and Project B meet the corresponding cash and accounting break-even points? Explain why. 2. Discuss the implications of the proposed relaxation of credit terms to customers from 30 days to 60 days on GB's working capital management. 3. Explain the usefulness of simple Payback period, and Net Present Value (NPV) as investment appraisal tools. Compute the simple Payback period and NPV for Project A and Project B and discuss which Project is better and why. Use the payback cut-off period of 2 years for the evaluation of the payback period, and 6% as the discount rate to calculate NPV. What other factors should GB consider in selecting between Project A and Project B? Explain why. 4. Comment on GB's debt ratio and ROE and its trend over time. How should GB finance the chosen project? Explain why using finance principles introduced in this subject. 5. Based on the answers to Questions 1 through 4 above, make specific recommendations to the Board. Include limitations of the analyses conducted.

Tesla, Inc. has rapidly become a stand-out among American car companies.Illustration Capsule 6.4 describes how Tesla has made vertical integration a central part of its strategy. What value chain segments has Tesla chosen to enter and perform internally? How has vertical integration and integration of its ecosystem aided the organization in building competitive advantage? Has vertical integration strengthened its market position? Explain why or why not.

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