Task 2.3 Explain the principle of conservation of energy and work- energy transfer in dynamic systems A) Provide a brief explanation of the principle of conservation of energy B) Use an energy approach to obtain an estimate for the force exerted on a 1250 kg vehicle that crashes into a stationary rigid object at a speed of 70 kilometres per hour, assuming that the vehicle compresses by approximately 400mm upon impact./nC) A load of 250 kg is raised by a winch similar to that shown. The winch has a winding drum of mass 52 kg, a diameter of 400 mm and radius of gyration 125 mm. When the winch first starts, it lifts the load with an acceleration of 1 m/s² from rest through a distance of 3m. The winch system has an overall friction torque of 1.3 kNm. Calculate the following: i) v) The final angular velocity of the drum the angular acceleration of the drum the work done by the driving motor the input torque to the drum the maximum power developed by the driving motor

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