Task: Part 1 - Stream of Consciousness Writing Exercise Step #1 First, to get a better understanding of what 'stream of consciousness' is, please read p. 234 from the Eagleman & Downar (2016) reading (you do not need to read the full chapter excerpt, just read that first portion on stream of consciousness), and watch this video, What is the Stream of Consciousness? Step #2 Spend 5-10 or so minutes free-flow writing (stream of consciousness writing) about only what comes into your immediate awareness (the video refers to the notion of "putting a microphone to your mind"). I would like to see one page (double-spaced is fine) of content. You are welcome to write (pen to paper) or type for this step, but the copy you submit should be typed for legibility, so you will have to type out any handwritten content (or use a dictation tool to/ntranscribe afterwards). Do not censor yourself or worry about grammar or spelling in this step (you can fix it after)-the idea is just to get your immediate thoughts and sensory perceptions onto paper. Step #3 After you have completed your stream of consciousness writing, fix up any spelling errors (and if needed, tidy up the mechanics, etc. too). If there is anything overly personal that would be inappropriate to share, now is your chance to edit that too.

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