The axial assembly consists of a solid 1.15-in.-diameter aluminum alloy [E = 11400 ksi, v = 0.22,a = 11.5 × 106/°F] rod (1) and a solid 1.49-in.-diameter bronze [E = 15600 ksi, v = 0.15, a = 7x10-6/°F] rod (2). Assume L₁-12 in., L₂-26 in. If the supports at A and C are rigid and the assembly is stress free at 11°F, determine: (a) the normal stresses 01, 02 in both rodsat 213°F (positive if tensile, negative if-compressive). (b) the-displacement ug of flange B (positive if to the right, negative to the left). (c) the change in diameter Ad₁ of the aluminum rod.

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