The Figure shows a simple vapor power plant operating at steady state with water circulating through the components.Relevant data at key locations are given on the figure. The mass flow rate of the water is 90 kg/s. Kinetic and potential energy effects are negligible. Determine a. The heat added in boiler to the water, b. If the combustion efficiency is 82%, find the mass of diesel fuel combustion rate in kg/day if its heat value is 38 MJ/kg (10 points) c. The turbine power in kW. (5 points) d. The mass flow rate of the cooling water passing through the condenser, inTon /day. (5 points) e. The power plant thermal efficiency [neglect the pumping power]. (10 points) f. Mention the most important parameters that affect the thermal efficiency and discuss how the power plant efficiency can be improved. (10 points)

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