The following data set indicates the number of people per day who visited a website over a random sample of eleven days.

Calculate the following, using the appropriate formulae and/or methods: The mean (compute to three decimal places). Interpret your answer. The first quartile. Interpret your answer. The variance. (The relevant formula must be used. No marks will be-awarded if the answer is simply obtained directly from a calculator). What is the coefficient of variation for this data set? The following data set indicates the number of customers per day who utilised a (5)local ATM, over a random sample of twenty days:

Construct a grouped frequency distribution table for this data set. Your table should-include columns indicating the frequency count values (♬) and the percentage-frequencies (% f) for each class. The total for each of the latter columns should also-be included. Use the classes 20 < 25; 25-< 30; and so on.

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