Using the MCNP Criticality Primer, develop an input deck for MCNP that simulates the following situation: an evacuated spherical shell of235U (inner radius 5.5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm) placed at

the center of a spherical tank of water 10 cm in radius. [Assume standard densities for all materials.]. Specify 5000 neutrons per generation, a starting estimate for the multiplication factor of 1.0, 55 skipped generations and 175 total generations. A couple things to remember: • Neutrons should be born in fissile material. This will impact yourksrc card. • The innermost region is a void, but particles that enter that voidstill matter and might contribute to future fissions. Neutron histories should be terminated when particles go beyondthe water tank. • You are not being asked to use MCNP6.2. But when you create this file, please follow the proper conventions outlined in the Primer (comments, characters in the proper columns, blank lines,etc.)

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