The power output of an adiabatic steam turbine is 5 MW and the inlet and the exit conditions of the steam are as indicated in the figure on the next slide. \text { 1. Compare the magnitudes of } \Delta h, \Delta K E, \Delta P E(k J / k q) \text {. } 2. Determine the work done per unit mass (kJ/kg) of the steam flowing through the turbine. 3. Calculate the mass flow rate (kg/s) of the steam. A thin-walled double-pipe counter-flow heat exchanger is used to cool oil(Cp = 2.20 kJ/kg.°C) from 150 to 40°C at a rate of 2 kg/s by water (cp = 4.18kJ/kg-°C) that enters at 22°C at a rate of 1.5 kg/s. Determine the rate of heat transfer (kW) in the heat exchanger and the exit temperature of the water (°C)

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