The system consists of a separator, one inlet stream or “feed stream", and two outlet or product streams. The components are ethanol (e), methanol (m) and water(w), as shown in Figure 1. The flow rates (F, P, & W) and compositions (mass fractions xe, xm & xw) of each stream are given below in Eq. (1) based on your HCT ID number, \mathbf{F}=100+a+b+c+d= x_{e}=0.5+\frac{a-c-d}{100}= x_{m}=0.1+\frac{c}{100}= x_{w}=0.4+\frac{d-a}{100}= \mathbf{P}=60+a+b+c+d= x_{e}=0.8+\frac{a-c-d}{100}= x_{m}=0.15+\frac{c}{100}= x_{w}=0.05+\frac{d-a}{100}= \mathbf{W}=\frac{k g}{h r} x_{e}= x_{m}= x_{w}= Perform the Material Balances by developing a System of Linear Equations and solve them by MATLAB and determine all the missing flow rates and compositions.Chose a basis of 1 hr. When reporting the final solution, report the stream values as flow rates in kg/hr as well as the m-file of your MATLAB code, named ask guess as flow rates in

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