The thermodynamics of the cell produces a CMRP (cell membrane resting potential) of -0.70 mV. Na+ and K+, as well as other ions contribute to the CMRP. Thermodynamics utilizes Gibbs' Free Energy to determine the equilibrium of the cell, the spontaneity of the cell, or whether the cell can do work. The equations are G= H - TS, G= -RTINK, and G= -n Fe. The T for a living cell is 310.5 K. What ion (Ca2+, Na*, Cl', K*, Fe3+, SO,?,, PO43, Fe2+) has the greatest effect producing/influencing the CMRP? Thermo: using one or all of the equations determine if the cell is dead when K=0 joules/mol. Show calculations. Using the CMRP= -70 mV determine if an equilibrium value of K=0 is valid for a living cell. Show your calculations. Explain your reasoning. For both b & c.

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