The village shaman is up to no good again. Having calibrated their pulley system, they now havea constant source of perfect liquid (Cp,l = 5R) potion at T = 20.0°C. They would now like dispersethe potion amongst the villagers for some likely nefarious purpose... They decide to convert it to avapor (Cp,v 15R) and let it then become an aerosol, which the villagers will inhale unsuspectingly.The potion is known to vaporize at 70°C with an enthalpy of vaporization AH vap = 25 kJ/mol.= (a) With the wind blowing northwest at m/s, the shaman decides to send 104 moles of potion the villagers way. How much heat will they need to raise the temperature of the potion to 90°C and let it blow away? lage, and all the potion ended up condensing after traveling 1000 m due to heat-exchange with air and falling to the ground well before reaching the village. Forecast says that it will be 15°C tomorrow with northwest winds again at 4 m/s. (b) Considering that the village is 1600 m away (the shaman knows this since they time their mile-runs this way), to what temperature should the shaman heat the potion to ensure that it reaches the village at the time of condensation?

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