This assignment requires a detailed study from planning, submitting requirements to applying an electrical connection to the primary power distribution system and its secondary source such as emergency sources in a building. The requirements must be governed by the code of practice. Samples of the single line diagrams (SLDS) Figure 1(a) & Figure 1(b) are enclosed for your study purposes. However, you could also use the building's SLDS in your report. You are NOT required to gain access to the consumer electrical switch room due to safety reasons. Your report should include but not restricted to the following: A site visit to the building with full address, general description of the building type,overview of power reticulation basing on the provided SLD, the number of storeysand height of the building must be clearly described and supported with photographicevidence.(a)(10 marks) (b)Identify the electrical distribution scheme in your study. i.e. HV or LV. The study should be closely related to the operation of the buildings and meeting the local code requirements. You should describe these systems in detail and state the considerations in the selection of the electrical scheme and equipment. Describe and show a sketch on how the alternative power source in your building is connected to the Main Switchboard (MSB). The study should base on the building operation requirements. Identify these systems in detail and state the consideration in the selection of the electrical components and its accessories etc. You should include references to relevant codes/ regulations, its operational requirements and maintenance aspect.(c) Describe the procedures, submission, time and engagement of the appropriate personnel for electricity connection to the Grid's network that had fulfilled the requirements of the relevant codes of practice.(d)(30 marks)

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