This isn't really a paradox, but a bit of a puzzle. There is a famous, probably apocryphal storyabout a missionary who was attempting to explain Christianity to a member of a native Americantribe (presumably back in the 1500s or whatever). The tribesman asked "if I did not know aboutGod or sin, would I go to hell?" And the missionary replied that no, if he did not know, he wouldnot go to hell. The tribesman than said "so why did you tell me?"There do in fact exist a few very isolated groups of humans on the planet who have neverencountered Abrahamic religion in any form. There was a famous case a few years back where aman was killed by an isolated, uncontacted tribe - the man was attempting to travel to them as amissionary. How should we make sense of this situation from a theistic perspective? If one muste.g. have faith in God in order to enter heaven, what are members of these groups supposed to do? Do they need to come to God independently? Are they declared innocent as long as theyhave not actually been exposed to Christianity?

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