This paper should be up to but not more than five pages double spaced in length and reflect a clear understanding of the participant's intention to institute ideas and principles developed through the 360 Degree Leader workbook. If the student has faithfully followed the workbook and filled out the passages as Maxwell developed them, the paper's content will be readily apparent for each student. The paper should be specific and detailed to the student. This is not to be a book review. The purpose is to clearly develop issues, actions, and strategies that will lead to greater leadership/management success for the student. It should not be a "woosh list" but practical and serious considerations for what can be accomplished and will make meaningful improvements in the students career and life. All content should ultimately lead to personal leader/manager development. Therefore, this paper should not be a reiteration of Maxwell's content, but a genuine synthesis of what elements of Maxwell's work will be incorporated into future leader/manager development by the participant. Review and commentary of Maxwell is acceptable, but it should lead to conclusions for personal effectiveness. Points will be awarded based on how well the writer expresses understanding of the principles and how he or she can utilize lessons learned into future leader/manager development. Points will be lost for multiple typing errors, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or poor presentation. Peer review and editing for those grammatically challenged is recommended, but please note the purpose of this paper is for self- reflection. Failure to write it by and for oneself is failing oneself regardless of the grade.

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