Two blocks are attached by a rope of negligible mass. Block 1 is of mass m1 =and slides on a flat frictionless surface. Block 2 has a mass m2 = 4.50 kg and slides on a frictionless ramp angled 0 = 30.0° with respect to horizontal. The pulley rotates without friction and is of negligible mass. A constant leftward horizontal force, F, is applied to block 1 so that block 2 slides up the incline with a constant acceleration of2.00 m/s². (a) [5] To the left, draw a magnitude free body diagram for block 1. In the middle,draw a magnitude free body diagram for block 2. To the right, draw a resolved free body diagram for block 2, and add a picture of your choice of coordinate system for doing so. (b) [10] Apply Newton's 2nd law to calculate the magnitude of the applied force. Give a numerical answer.

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