WHAT ARE YOU REQUIRED TO DO? 1. Develop a conceptual data model based on the above Narrative. You may use the Chen's notation, the Crow-feet notation, or the Unified Modeling Language

notation to present the conceptual data model. A summary of steps for developing the conceptual data model is given here: a. Identify entities, their associated attributes, and primary key attribute(s). b. Identify the relationships between entities and the associated relationship attributes and cardinality (including multiplicity and participation constraints). c. Produce an Entity-Relationship Diagram depicting the conceptual data model. 2. Produce a logical data model from the conceptual data model you have developed in (1). A summary of steps for developing the logical data model is given here: a. Transform the Entity-Relationship Diagram into relational schemas (1.e., tables). b. Refine the relational schemas by combining schemas and normalizing the tables where necessary to produce the final logical data model. 3. Present the conceptual data model and logical data model in a Powerpoint presentation file. 4. Submit the Powerpoint presentation file.

Fig: 1