You are required to design a prototype for a Digital Measuring tape, the system designed to have accurate reading about the distance. The system is composed from an Arduino, a LED system combined with a LCD display system and a Buzzer. If the distance id below 2 em, the buzzer will work and a yellow LED will be ON, if the distance is higher than 4 m the buzzer will work and there d LED in ON. If the distance in the between 2 to 400 cm, the LCD display the distance and the green LED is ON. Each LED is used with a 1KOhm Resistance to protect it. a) (5 pts) From the text above, Redraw the connectivity (high level diagram) and tell us what do you need from the diagram to complete the prototype c) (5 pts) In case we want to control the intensity of Light coming from the LED mechanically, what is the element that you suggest to do this task. Explain and Justify b) (5 pts) the Designer is using 4 cm and 400 as range for the system. From which documents this information are extracted?

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