You probably expressed your thoughts and feelings as well as provided evidence to support or contradict the concern of your observer. Additionally, you may have raised questions about the ethics of the observer's conduct or claims. While you may be focussing on your observer, you may be forgetting that it is important to focus on you. How so? Critical thinking is about your ability to assess your thoughts and determine if change is necessary. Let us take this activity further so that you can be your own critic. This will require you to respond to the questions below: (a) If you analyze your response, what elements of thought do you notice? (b) What evidence can you provide from your response to support any claim that you possess the intellectual qualities or traits of a critical thinker? (c) What if any, are the critical thinking skills you demonstrated? To answer these questions, you should examine the following on-line resources: USEFUL LINKS/RESOURCES https://www.critical thinking.htm traits_and_standards.pdf/nQuestion 3 ACTIVITY 1.10. (a) One of the observers assigned to this course is concerned that you have not demonstrated that you are ready to make the changes necessary to develop as a learner. Write a response to the observer.

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