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Advanced Reaction Engineering

Consider the reaction of furfural (1) and butanol (2) reacting to form furfuryl alcohol (3) andbutyraldehyde (4). This reaction is important in the context of biomass upgrading, to form fuels andchemicals from platform molecules and is usually run in the liquid phase using an Mg6Al2O9 catalyst.

Calculate the delta g° and the K of the reaction at 298 and at 433 K. Use data from NIST for enthalpies and entropies at 298 K. Remember, deltag° = deltah°-T deltasº. You may assume that the enthalpy change of the reaction is constant.i.

ii.Calculate the deltag° and the K of the reaction at 298 and at 433 K using data from the Yaws handbook.

Calculate the extent of the reaction at 433 K, if initially there are 2 mol of furfural and 1 mol of butanol in the system, assuming the system is an ideal solution of x1 = 0.2 and x2 = 0.1 in.toluene.

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