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If your 95% CI for the slope ranges from 0.2 to 1.1, what would you conclude, given alpha = 0.05? O a.Fail to reject the null hypothesis, and conclude that omega-3 consumption is not associated with BMI. b. Reject the null hypothesis, and conclude that omega-3 consumption is associated with lower BMI. Fail to reject the null hypothesis, no further conclusions can be made. O d. Reject the null hypothesis, and conclude that omega-3 consumption is associated with higher BMI.

Why do you use nested for-loops when you compute power using the bootstrap approach? O aThe inner loop computes a p-value, while the outer loop simulates a number of phantom studies O b. To compute power twice and make sure it is done correctly! O c. To enable simulation of n^n studies so we have a high power study O d. This is how we create a phantom world

After fitting your linear regression to the data, you calculate an R of 0.1. Given this calculation, which of the following statements is most correct? O a.10% of the variation in BMI is explained by omega-3 consumption. Ob.For every 1 unit consumption of omega-3, BMI increases by 10%. с.There is a 10% chance that omega-3 consumption is associated with BMI. O d. 10% of random (null) lines could produce an effect as strong or stronger than observed.

As you must know, an alpha cutoff of 0.2 is unheard of. In which of the following circumstances would you accept such a high alpha due to high social cost of a false negative (despite the increase in likelihood of false positives due to high alpha)? Hiring a fraudulent real estate agentO a. O b. Diagnosis of colon cancer O c.Convicting a person accused of shoplifting O d. Diagnosis of engine failure O e.Detecting saltiness in seafood

Which of the following is correct about a bootstrap confidence interval? Select all that apply. O a. A 95% confidence interval obtained using the bootstrap approach can be interpreted as "we can be 95% sure that the true measure is in the interval provided" O b. A bootstrap pivotal confidence interval assumes that the observed sample measure is a pivot such that the variability in sample measures around the true population measure is the same as the variability of measures from the bootstrap resamples around the observed measure O c.A confidence interval provides an estimate of precision of an effect size O d. A confidence interval provides an estimate of uncertainty in the sample measure

Drag and drop the various terms into the correct boxes to compute the posterior probability of you having the COVID-19.

Which of the following is/are synonymous with P(+ | COVID-19)? O a.Sensitivity b. Prevalence Oc.Specificity O d. 1- Specificity

What would be the null hypothesis that would best evaluate the question posed above? O a. Y intercept = 0 O b. Y intercept = 1 O c. Slope = 1% O d. Slope = 0

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