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PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT 3 The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to: Examine implications of various social and economic factors for property development and investment Demonstrate an understanding of property markets and analyse property operation and maintenance from a life-cycle perspective Apply processes and techniques to evaluate the economic components of complex building projects

Assignment 2: Commercial Interior Elevations and Building Sections Description For this assignment, you'll continue the commercial field survey started in Assignment 1. Now you'll be focused on vertical views and heights, drawing the interior elevations of your documented reception desk, break room, and restroom. For this assignment, pay special attention to architectural millwork. Draw the door and drawer fronts as they have been built. Also include hardware, baseboards, toe kicks, backsplashes, outlets, appliances, fixtures, equipment, toilet partitions, accessible paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors, grab bars, etc. Make note of code required vertical clearances for accessibility. Note where the current conditions are compliant as well as where current conditions violate code as applicable. Indicate dropped ceilings and include plenum space to the structural slab or roof system above. Identify and draw soffits, fascias, lighting, wayfinding signage, switches, etc. Required Materials - BID Supply kit - Weekly lectures and readings - Adobe Creative Cloud - AutoDesk AutoCAD

The Assessment PORTFOLIO OF SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION (word count - 2000 words)

1. I need this functions 1. Iconic 2. sustainability 3. buildability 4. functional Requirement 2. Choose four of this building or if you can all of them. 1. Shenzhen bay super headquarters bese tower, china 2. one angle square Manchester 3. lusail stadium.gatar 4. the museum of the 5. Gold coast, Australia (by zaba hadid) 6. rotterdam central station, patherlands • There is no word limit but try to do it as the sample attached in the reference section and balancing between the funcions • For each building the function will be (iconic - sustainability-buildability - functional) & one slide for each building.

Which of the two layouts below is preferable for resisting lateral forces? Justify your answer. Note lateral elements shown in red. Gravity beams not shown for clarity.

Identify all "zero-force" members, compression members, and tension members in thetruss below. Solve for the internal forces in members AB, BE, and EF for the truss in problem 6.

Are structural elements typically more efficient when resisting axial forces, or bending forces?

Identify the configuration(s) below that is (are) most likely to stand under the applied load. Assume that the weight of the structure is very small compared to the applied load.For the configuration(s) you have selected, which support will have the larger horizontal thrust (or will the horizontal thrust be equal)?

9) Which of the three moment frames below (shown in plan) would provide the most lateral rigidity? Which would provide the least lateral rigidity?

Calculate and estimated the size of Dreamhome database for storing 1,000 staff, 500 branches,10,000 properties for rent, 1000 private owners, 20,000 clients, 100,000 viewing and 20,000registrations. Add 10% of the estimated database for the log size. Determine the appropriate attribute/field types based on the attributes name given. Show your calculation systematically,and the total estimated size of the database.

List the long-span structural elements we identified in order of increasing efficiency.

) Name the architect who designed a cathedral by hanging a scale model upside-down to better understand the load path through the arches.

14) Given a building with story shear forces shown below, calculate the base shear and overturning moment.

10) For the building layout below, are the elevator shafts shown at the bottom right corner of the floor plan in an ideal location to be considered for use structurally as shear walls?What seismic irregularity may arise if we designed these walls as lateral shear walls?

11-13) Identify the types of brace frames given below.

2) What are two benefits of a more efficient structural system?

2. (12 points) The 8" sanitary sewer has an invert elevation of 7170' at the manhole,which is 200' upstream of the point of connection to the building sewer. Thesanitary sewer maintains a slope of 1.3% from the manhole to the point of connection at point C. 1. Calculate the invert elevation of the sanitary sewer at point C. 2. Calculate the elevation of the minimum point of connection (top quadrant) of the sanitary sewer at this point.

1. (20 points) The finished floor elevation is 100', which is equal to a site elevation of7180'. The bottom of the foundation is 3-8" below the finished floor elevation. Assume point 1 (the 3" FD) has an invert elevation of 99.3' and that point A has an invert elevation of 98.5'. Use a 1/8" per foot slope interior to the building. The distance between point A and point B is 108 and the distance between point 1 and point A 130’. Determine: 1. The minimum invert elevation at point B (the foundation). 2. Is this point below the foundation? 3. The structural engineer will not let you penetrate the foundation wall or the spread footing. Determine the invert elevation below the spread footing. Use nominal pipe diameters in making this determination.

4. (13 points) A 100-gallon tank contains water at a temperature of 208° Water, at a temperature of 43.8°F is supplied to the tank. Water at 208°F leaves the tank and is mixed with 43.8°F water to make 68 gpm of 152.4°F water used in a pickling operation. Calculate: 1. The flow rate of 208°F and 43.8°F water required to make the 68 gpm of 152.4°Fwater. . The flow rate of 43.8°F water required to replenish the tank if the only use is the pickling operation. 3. The total flow rate of 43.8°F water required for the system. 4. The final temperature of the water in the tank if no other heat is added or lost during a one minute period of time.

3. (15 points) The distance from the building (point B) to the sanitary sewer is 560'. . Calculate the invert elevation of the building at point C using a slope of 4"/ft and using the results of problem 5C as the invert at point B. 2. Can the building sewer make the proper connection to the sanitary sewer? 3. If not, calculate the slope (%) required for the building sewer to make a connection to the top quadrant of the sanitary sewer at point C.

Design a wall footing for a 10" wall, 2ksi concrete, 40ksi rebar. Dead load is 5 kips per ft. Live load is 7 kips per ft. Max soil pressure is 2000psf.

The compression force at the bottom of a square footing is 40kips. The bending moment is 30 kip-ft'. Find the maximum soil pressure for a footing width of 5'.

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