The attached worksheet was obtained in a laboratory design of asphalt concrete mixture for medium traffic. Carry out the required analysis and hence complete the table. Using the average results for each asphalt content, plot the necessary graphs and determine the optimum asphalt content based on air voids content requirement. Verify whether the optimum asphalt content determined will meet the GHA dense-graded specifications for medium traffic given in the table below. Use the following specific gravity values for your analysis: Bulk specific gravity of aggregates, Ga=2.65, Specific gravity of bitumen (asphalt), Gs=1.02 You should show sample computations involved in your analysis. Marks will be awarded forclarity of DEssentation. Average values of parameters are not required in shaded regions on the laboratory worksheettable for Q but are required in the areas with a tick (V) for all asphalt contents.

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