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About Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a branch of science that dealt with main concepts of chemistry, physics, economics and mathematics. This branch of engineering deals with natural and experimental ways combining the life form subjects like bio-chemical engineering, biology. Generally, it is a perception that Chemical Engineering is dying field but, in my context, I would say that it could save easily over a million of lives with a single pill.

In chemical Engineering there are different subjects like Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Process Dynamics and Control, Reaction Engineering, chemical, Mass transfer, Mathematical techniques in chemical engineering, Bio-Chemical engineering, Chemical Process Technology, Chemical Process Calculations, Process Equipment Design, Transport Phenomena, Computer Aided and Process Engineering, Process Dynamics and Control, Chemical Operations, Basic Ideas of Environmental Science, Biological Science. It also makes foundation to learn different subjects like Natural gas Engineering, Novel Separation Technology, Fundamentals and Basics of Bioenergy, Plant Economics, Chemical Reactor Analysis, Polymer Technology and their manufacturing, Transportation in Porous Media, Hazardous waste water management and treatment. etc.

It contains different laboratory study (i.e. where we can do experimental study) like Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Reaction Engineering, Fuel Laboratory, Computer Aided and process Engineering Laboratory.

It also was very useful in the subjects like Nano Technology, Instability and Patterning in the thin film layer, micro biology which were now-a-days the leading subjects in the world in which lot of research is going on. Nanotechnology is one of the subjects in which there are applications of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc. There was a lot of research is going on based on the topics which contains both chemical engineering and Nano-technology.

Applications and Practice of Chemical Engineering:

The Applications of Chemical Engineering are Developing most economic ways by using metals and energy obtained from different sources. In Chemical Engineering we mostly the designing and performing methods which are very economical and safe while using in the large industries. Economical in the aspect of conservation of energy, raw materials and Man Power. Safe in the terms of controlling pollution, making the reaction vessels above their critical points so that they can be used effectively in the large scale. One of the major Applications of Chemical Engineering is Pharmaceuticals. Everyone think that Pharmaceuticals is branch of Biology but in the real world it has lots of chemical applications and a Pharmaceutical Industry cannot be run without a chemical engineering. Another important application of Chemical Engineering is in Petro refineries. Most of the work in the Petro refineries were done by Chemical Engineers including extraction, distillation, purification. In this engineering we will also learn how to optimize our cost, with high revenue using different optimizing techniques. These optimizing techniques are very important for the running of the plant and to get more amount of profits. Thus this branch of chemical engineering also includes the parts of economics in a different manner. In these different areas the day to day development is very rapid. So, by this we can say that, at present chemical engineering is one of the booming subjects in the world.

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