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Mechanical engineering as a discipline has evolved over a long period of time and still continue to evolve. As a discipline it comprises but not limited to, Design of machine components, Manufacturing of products, Fluid and Thermal aspects like Thermodynamics, Fluid machinery and further Heat transfer, Material science, Mechatronics, Robotics etc. Mechanical Engineering has been helping mankind since the time immemorial. On one hand mechanisation of agriculture has helped the poor farmers on other hand, Mechanical engineering have given enhanced design of machines with smooth implementation in Electronics and Information Technology, which have helped the world to convert the imagination into the reality. Engineering in itself has vast discipline which comprises but not limited to, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics and Communication, Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering. These classifications have been done to have the focused and critical understanding of the subject matter. Engineering can simply be put into simplest possible words as “Human being’s ability and process of applying their knowledge, innovating the solution approach and enhancing the design in order to bridge the gap between their potential and the reality”.

Today, human being’s ability of technological presence in space is impeccable. It has been possible with the help of different disciplines of Engineering, among which Mechanical engineering have played a vital and invaluable role. On the Environment and climate front, Mechanical engineering has helped us in identifying regional determinants of intrinsic natural capacity and resilience. Mechanical engineering has enhanced our ability to know about only liveable planet earth and therefore protect, preserve, and prevent natural as well as man-made disasters. Mechanical engineering has played an indispensable role from the time of the industrial revolution, with the invention of the steam engine and other mechanical means of industrialisation.

Human Beings have challenged nature at one point and other because of our mechanical capabilities and other intellectual capabilities. Mechanical engineering has taken us closest ever to the sun and hence understanding the vast variables and effects like Solar winds, Electromagnetic waves, age of sun also enhancing our knowledge about the solar system. Countries protecting their sovereignty and helping each other’s territory with the help of advanced defence technology, because of the ability of mechanical engineering as a discipline to provide such an advanced technology.

Several countries have explored other planets like Mars and other celestial bodies. In achievement of all these capabilities including other engineering disciplines, the role of Mechanical engineering is significant and indispensable. Role of mechanical engineering is not limited to above stated areas rather it has played a significant role in Medicine also. Human being’s average life expectancy has been increased due to inclusion of technology in medical field. Mechanical engineering has played vital role in providing mechanical equipment in the treatment of several deadly chronical diseases.

Mechanical engineering has played a vital role in transport, infrastructure and platform to enjoin information and technology with mechanical means. On one hand human beings can not be separated with these innovation and engineering technologies, on the other hand it has created several problems in the world. One emerging problem is global warming which has been a hot debate topic of the globe. From the Arctic circle to Antarctica ice cover has been melting due to global temperature rise above the pre-industrial level. We need adaptation and mitigation activities in which mechanical engineering with other disciplines of engineering will play a significant and vital role.

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