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Question 1: What is your image of the child? How is it growing and changing?

Question 2: Re-read: Rogers, R. (2022) "Unpacking Child Centered". Reimagining Early Childhood Through African and Indigenous Lenses How does Rogers talk about children? How do her ideas challenge your image of the child? How can you relate her perspective to something else you have read/watched in the course so far? Provide one example.

1. For each scenario: a. Using the information provided, determine if the results indicate an obstructive, restrictive, or mixed pattern of deficit. b. Determine whether the pattern is reversible or non-reversible. Grade the severity of the disorder using the GOLD guidelines as appropriate. c. Provide the most likely diagnosis for the client. 2. For each client, list one treatment strategy including rationale. 3. Include a scholarly source in your rationale. The same scholarly source may be used to support each scenario if relevant. Include a matching reference for each citation using the current APA Style.

Diet Analysis Assignment The Purpose of this assignment is to track your regular food intake for two days. One of the days would be a weekday and the other would be a day on the weekend. Then using the information discussed in the modules and textbook, you'll design a healthy food plan for one day. This food plan should meet your caloric and nutrient requirements. You'll use to analyze your food intake and answer questions about the results you have obtained. Your responses will demonstrate your understanding of the DRIS. Part 1: EER (4 MARKS) Application of EER and estimated energy requirements. Fill in the provided template called "Templates- part-1-and-2" to complete the following: • Age, Weight in kilograms and height in metres • Calculate your EER (show your work)

Part 3: Healthy Food Plan - 1-day Produce a 1- day example of what a healthy diet looks like for you, including water, breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 snacks. Review your report before printing to ensure that you are meeting all of your nutritional needs for the day.

Part 4: Nutrition Reports (2 MARKS) Submit spreadsheet reports of your daily intake for each of the three days (weekend, weekday and healthy day). • Submit your complete "Daily Diary" and "Nutrition Reports" for each day. Take print screens and copy into word format or PDF. Save all three days in one document and ensure you submit it with your final assignment. • PLEASE NOTE: These reports are required to mark this assignment.

A 20-minute graded individual presentation of an evidence-based comprehensive assessment, formulation, and recommended interventions within a multi-element framework of a service-user with complex needs identified through practice, identifying own strengths and limitations. The student will be required to: 1. Identify a service-user from practice who has complex needs and carry out an evidence based comprehensive assessment of the individual's needs. 2. Critically analyse the data from the assessment to create a formulation that identifies how the individual's needs developed and the impact this has on the individual's physical health, mental health, behaviours, and psychosocial functioning 3. Recommend evidence-based interventions using recognised multi-element frameworks 4. Identify their own strengths and limitations when carrying out this process

DAILY INTAKE FORM. Complete a separate form for each day and use more than 1 form if needed.

PART 1 1) Age:_________, weight________kg Height:____metres 2) Calculate your Estimated Energy Requirements (EER). DO NOT copy the estimated calorie intake produced by cronometer. To receive full marks, you must show all of your work See EER calculation and physical activity coeffiecients (PA values) for use in EER equations: eating/dietary-reference-intakes/tables.html#eeer 4) Special Dietary Requirements (Do you have any allergies or intolerances? Do you avoid certain foods? Provide description below. If no special dietary requirements, indicate "N/A")

PART 2 In 350-500 words, analyze your 2-day estimated food record and explain how it aligns/doesn't align with your calculated nutritional requirements (calories, carbohydrate, protein, fat etc.). Provide examples of specific dietary changes you could make to be more in line with these recommendations. Discuss any special requirements you have (allergies, diabetes, celiac, etc.) and include scholarly references to support the dietary decisions you will make for your healthy diet plan.

The outermost covering of the spinal cord is the Select one or more: a. pia mater b. arachnoid mater. c. dura mater. d. film terminale. All of the following are functions of cerebral spinal fluid, except that it Select one or more: a. transports nutrients. b. surrounds the brain and spinal cord. c. transports immune system cells d. acts as a cushion for the brain. The - of each spinal nerve provides sensory and motor connections to the skin and muscles of the back. a. gray ramus communicantes b. ventral ramus c. white ramus communicantes d. dorsal ramus The ventral rami form four major plexuses including all of the following, except the _____plexus Select one or more a. Cranial b. Lumbar c. Sacral d. brachial 5. The ventral root of a spinal nerve contains Select one or more: a. cell bodies of motor neurons. D b. axons of sensory neurons. c. axons of motor neurons. d. cell bodies of sensory neurons. 6. The anterior horns of the spinal cord contain Select one or more: a. sympathetic nuclei. b. sensory nuclei. c. autonomic motor nuclei. d. somatic motor nuclei. 7. Spinal nerves from the sacral region of the spinal cord innervate the Select one or more: a. shoulder b. intercostal c. leg d. facial The dorsal and ventral roots of each spinal segment unite to form a a. cervical enlargement d. Spinal meninx c. spinal ganglion d. spinal nerve Each spinal nerve provides___connections to specific structures. a. Tactile b. Sensory c. motor AND sensory d. sensory AND tactile e. motor 10. Axons crossing from one side of the spinal cord to the other within the gray matter are found in the Select one or more. a. gray commissures b. lateral gray horns c. white commissures. d. anterior grey horn 16. Reflexes can be classified according to all of the following, except Select one or more: a. the complexity of the neural circuit involved: b. their development: c. whether they are sensory or motor. d. the site where information processing oeeurs. 17. The stretch reflex Select one or more: a. involves a receptor called the neuroreceptor. b. is an example of a polysynaptic reflex c is important in posture & protecting muscles d. is activated when a skeletal muscle shortens 13. Bill contracts a viral disease that destroys some of the cells in the anterior gray horns in the lumbar region of his spinal cord. As a result of the disease, which of the following would you expect? Select one or more: a. an inability to move his arm b. lack of feeling in his hands c. problems with walking d. lack of sensation from his right leg 14. The ventral rami of spinal nerves C5 to T1 form the_______ plexus before heading down the upper limbs a. Sacral b. cervical c. thoracic d. Brachial 15. Certain complex reflexes involve responses on both sides of the body. The response on the opposite side of body receiving the stimulus the _ response A. contralateral B. consensual C .ipsilateral d .paired 11. If the dorsal root of a spinal nerve is severed, Select one or more: a. motor control of visceral organs would be impaired. b. incoming sensory information would be disrupted. c. motor control of skeletal muscles would be impaired. d. the brain would not be able to communicate with that level of the spinal cord. 12. Enlargements of the spinal cord occur a. in segments of the spinal cord that control the limbs. b. near the posterior median sulcus. c in the thoracic region or the spinal cord the filum terminale 18. In which of the following would the delay between stimulus and response be greatest? 0 a. Intersegmental reflex (ashie) B b. a multisynaptic reflex (nala) c. a monosynaptic reflex d. Stretch Reflex The simplest reflexes triggered by receptors in the leg would be dealt with at the level of the Select one or more: a. cerebrum. B. diencephalon c. cerebellum d. spinal cord Put The following parts of a reflex arc into their proper order: Motor Neuron Sensory Neuron Processing Receptor Effector

You are the charge nurse in the female medical ward. You have a highly depressed patient with a history of suicidal attempts. Her medical condition for which she was admitted has significantly worsened. It was suggested by the Physician that such information should be withheld from the patient. What would you do in this dilemma? Options: 1. Hold fast to your professional value of being honest; thereby, disclosing the information to the client. 2. Withhold the information until the patient is mentally stable to deal/cope with the "worsening of her physiological condition."

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