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As the popularity of American history continues to grow among international students, the number of individuals pursuing this subject has significantly increased. Experts always suggest paying attention to classrooms, but that does not mean solely depending on professors for assistance. Active learning and seeking American homework help can be highly effective for students. Students from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Singapore, and other countries have comprehended how our help enhances subject knowledge. It boosts students' academic competence, increasing the chance of academic success.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of American history and offer detailed explanations, analysis, and context on various historical events. They assist you in understanding complex topics with ease and critically evaluating historical evidence. With their specialized guidance, insights, and resources, students can deepen their knowledge, memorize better, and boost their critical thinking skills. It enables them to perform better and thrive in a competitive academic environment.

American History Topics Covered By Experts

Our team of experts in American history homework help is ready to assist students with any challenging topic. Understanding the students' academic requirements, they offer extensive guidance on all topics related to your subject. Whenever you opt for expert help for American history topics, they cover your academic needs and ensure you improve your subject competence. Our experts create a positive study environment for students that allows them to experience better learning and enables them to thrive academically.

  • Civil War
  • Us Civil War And Europe
  • Legacies of the American Revolution
  • Industrialization
  • Foreign US Policy During The 1860s
  • African American Slave Trade
  • French Colonization of Canada
  • Women in Colonial America
  • Great Depression
  • Reconstruction
  • The Crisis of the Union
  • Clara Barton
  • How did tenements affect America?
  • Native Americans
  • The Role Of Labor Before 1877
  • The Aftermath of the Vietnam War
  • Westward Expansion
  • United States and The Mexican Revolution
  • WWI
  • Terror Trophies of WWI in America
  • Why Did The Settlers Import Slaves
  • America's Role in Normandy Landings
  • America in the Modern World
  • Conquest of California

Is It Right To Ask American History Answers From Experts?

Students often harbor concerns about the security and legality of seeking homework assistance. Here, we will address those doubts and let you know whether it's safe and legitimate to obtain TutorBin American history assignment help service. This service offers expert assistance, just like offline tutoring students often take from professionals. The professional aid enriches your learning journey and academic performance. Some professors may raise objections about seeking expert guidance for academic integrity, though the laws of the US and UK do not prohibit it. It is not academic dishonesty for us, as our experts do it for assistance.

Moreover, obtaining professional assistance from TutorBin is completely secure. The website is strengthened with advanced encryption software to ensure the confidentiality of your information. Our team strictly adheres to non-disclosure policies, safeguarding your privacy. By opting for American history homework help online, you can embrace a learning approach that enhances your academic prowess and propels you toward success.

American History Assignment Help Why Do Students Need Expert Help?

Grasp complex historical concepts

A key problem statement that American history students often face during their academic years is the difficulty of grasping complex historical concepts. Students fail to relate to these events and theories when tasked with American history assignments. Sometimes, they even get confused due to the complexity of the topic. This confusion causes anxiousness in students, reducing their learning capability. Expert guidance in such situations works wonders as it enables students to increase their confidence and learning ability without feeling stressed.

Strengthen their research skill

Strong research skills are one of the significant needs of history students. Students lacking good research skills cannot access valuable evidence of historical events and fail to incorporate useful arguments to enhance assignments' relevance, credibility, and persuasiveness. Moreover, without good research skills, students cannot explore diverse perspectives of topics, preventing them from gaining a deeper understanding. Our experts assist students in developing strong research skills, ensuring that they achieve mastery in American history.

To have a contextual understanding

It's inevitable for history students to have a contextual understanding while learning or practicing American history answers. Contextual understanding helps students to become well-informed of the background related to historical events. Not having enough contextual knowledge can cause trouble establishing relevance and forming a broader perspective. Under such conditions, assistance for American history assignments plays a significant role in understanding the historical significance of events and implications.

Boost critical analysis capacity

History assignments require a thorough critical analysis and a good interpretation of historical evidence. American history assignment help experts boost the critical analysis capacity of students. Subject matter specialists assist students in analyzing sources and information thoroughly to check relevance and authenticity. They also teach students how to evaluate the usefulness of researched information for constructing well-supported arguments based on analytical conclusions.

Possess a good writing skill

Writing is an essential aspect of historical scholarship. It allows students to convey their analyses, interpretations, and findings in a clear, concise, organized, and persuasive manner. American history topic guidance from expert writers helps students refine their writing style, structure their assignments coherently, and properly cite sources. It ensures students adhere to academic integrity. Experts also teach students to be proficient in writing, enhancing their academic performance, fostering critical thinking, and preparing them for better historical research.

Avoiding plagiarism in writing

Plagiarism is one of the major issues students encounter while writing their history assignments. This problem occurs when students use lots of researched information in their tasks. Unknowingly, they refer to the same texts from other sources or put citations without mentioning original resources. In most cases, it's unintentional. However, it invites grave consequences for students. Our American history help experts are well aware of this situation. They assist students in writing American history answers with proper citations and unique texts, maintaining academic integrity intact.

Build in-depth subject knowledge

American history topic experts offer valuable insights into different historical events. They guide students to analyze and evaluate information before synthesizing complex details. Their expertise helps students navigate through historical complexities, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the subject matter. By leveraging expert assistance, students can develop an academic inclination toward the subject that enriches their learning experience and eases achievement of academic success.

Cover your knowledge gap

Experts possess specialized knowledge of American history, enabling them to fill in gaps in students' understanding through detailed explanations, contextual information, and supplementary resources. They address specific areas where students may lack knowledge or comprehension, providing clarification on key events, figures, and concepts. Students can resolve their subject doubts and perform better when tasked with history assignments.

Complete multiple assignments on time

Completing multiple assignments within a given time is another factor that often pushes students toward American homework assistance. Homework helps experts guide students to prioritize assignments, break them down into manageable tasks, and create effective timelines. Their valuable insights into historical topics aid students in conducting research, analyzing sources, and formulating arguments for their assignments. Feedback, revision, and personalized guidance improve the quality of their tasks and enable students to meet deadlines effectively.

American History Help How Does It Benefit Me in Studies?

Subject Assistance From Experts

When students seek assistance from TutorBin for their homework, they benefit from expert guidance. Our expert team improves analytical prowess and memorization in students other than addressing their doubts. A huge base of tutors is associated with us, including 800+ Ph.D. holders. Their support fosters a conducive learning environment that nurtures academic growth. Furthermore, our experts help students overcome study obstacles and deepen their grasp on the subject.

Customized Expert Assistance

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each student's academic needs and problems, the TutorBin expert team offers tailored assistance from professionals. Our experienced assignment helpers work closely with students to fulfill individual academic demands efficiently, bridge knowledge gaps, and meet students' academic goals. This personalized approach contributes significantly to achieving academic success.

Accurate & Plagiarism-free Tasks

American history help answers questions accurately without copying from other sources. The subject matter expert team TutorBin collaborates with ensures that every answer is plagiarism-free, maintaining academic integrity. Our professionals guide students through homework tailored to the specifications of each assignment. TutorBin provides students with a free plagiarism report to authenticate the assignment's originality.

Timely Expert Guidance

Prompt assistance from experts is a key advantage that attracts students worldwide to TutorBin. Our expert team understands the significance of time and how it plays a crucial role in deadlines. Our team takes prompt action whenever students reach out to them, ensuring we do not let them wait. Regardless of time constraints, our subject specialists emphasize timely task completion to allow you to submit within the given timeline.

24/7 Expert Help Service

Instant and round-the-clock access to experts is one of the best advantages of seeking American history homework help. Whenever you face study challenges or need guidance for your assignments, don't stress. It's best to contact our experts for their valuable insights. TutorBin understands that students can need their assistance at any time of the day. Thus, our experts are available 24/7 to offer you the support you need.

Precise Subject Assistance

Our experts comprehend that sometimes, students don't need professional guidance for the entire coursework. It becomes expensive and unnecessary for them. Considering the situation, TutorBin has introduced a precise learning option for students. This facility allows students to seek assignment help for precise questions or homework. They only have to pay for that help, and it can save them time. It not only makes studying more convenient but also cost-effective for students.

Affordable Learning Guidance

Academic support is inevitable for history students, but sometimes, they feel unwilling to get expert support due to expensive tutoring fees. Considering students' restricted budgets and economic situations, TutorBin offers American history assignment help at an affordable rate. Our assignment helpers ensure that every student obtains the required assistance to improve academically without feeling financial stress.

Assured Full confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for students seeking American history help. Complete confidentiality is assured when you opt for TutorBin expert help. Our team can maintain this confidentiality due to the premium encryption software that keeps your information secure. Moreover, our experts adhere to a strict non-disclosure policy that helps us to keep the trust of students intact.

American History Help FAQs

TutorBin often receives requests for assistance with American history homework. Our experts promptly attend to these requests, striving to meet students' academic needs. However, students may occasionally feel doubtful and have questions on various matters. Here, we endeavor to address some of the common inquiries frequently posed to our experts. We believe these answers to frequently asked questions will offer you a clearer understanding.

Do I get my American history assignment in less than 24 hours?

TutorBin experts try their best to complete your tasks as soon as possible. The standard time starts from 5 to 6 hours. However, it mainly depends on the task complexity, deadline proximity, and availability of tutors.

Will I get American history homework at a reasonable rate?

TutorBin experts provide American history help answers to questions at a very affordable rate, considering students' budget restrictions. The rate normally starts from $4 to $5, but it varies on deadlines, tutor availability, and task complexity. However, with discounts and offers, students can make it more pocket-friendly.

Can experts help me to get a well-researched American history paper?

If you want a well-researched American history assignment, you have landed in the right place. Sign up at TutorBin and get support from writers and subject matter experts 24/7.

Recently Asked American History Questions

Expert help when you need it
  • Q1:2. According to the legend that Betsy Ross produced the first American flag, what was the one change Betsy Ross made to the flag's design? Who were the three men who asked her to sew the flag?See Answer
  • Q2:3. What controversies surround the claim that Betsy Ross produced the first American flag? You'll find the following site useful in answering the question:See Answer
  • Q3:4. What is in the canton of today's flag?See Answer
  • Q4:5. Nobody knows where the first American flag is today. According to the CNN article in the lesson, what most likely happened to the flag?See Answer
  • Q5:6. In a paragraph-length answer, please explain what the U.S. flag stands for or represents to you.See Answer
  • Q6:7. Why was it meaningful to fly the same flag that flew over Pearl Harbor when it was bombed over the White House on the day Japan accepted terms of surrender in 1945?See Answer
  • Q7:Apply Your Knowledge 8. The flag has gone through many different designs over the past two centuries. Pick one of the designs of the flag and write about the historical events that flag would have seen during the time it flew. You can find time-lines by doing web searches for U.S. flag designs or U.S. flag time-lines. Describe the flag you're using and cite the source(s) you used by copying and pasting the web address(es) (URL) to find the design and dates, and write about the historical events that flag would have witnessed in 200-300 words.See Answer
  • Q8:Short Answer Answer the following questions using 2-3 complete sentences. All of your answers will be found in the lesson content. You will not conduct Internet research. Answer all of the questions in your own words. 1. What states were added to the Union during Washington's term in office? -What advice did President Washington give in his farewell address? 2. Explain why the Louisiana Purchase was so important for the United States? 3. The War of 1812 was the first time Congress declared war on a foreign nation. What were the two reasons America declared war on Great Britain? 4. The Second Great Awakening impacted America greatly. Discuss this movement and its importance. Fill in the Blank: Just provide the answer that would correctly fill in the blank. A complete sentence is not needed. 5. _____was a. He believed that the federal government should have more power than the states. He also felt that the federal government should have the power to do anything not prohibited by the Constitution. Thus, he argued that the federal government should have the power to form a national bank. 6._______was a ______. He believed that the federal government should have less power than the states. He also felt that the federal government should not be able to perform an action not spelled out in the Constitution. Thus, he argued that the federal government should not have the power to form a national bank. 7. The_______ involved the recall of a French envoy from the United States and caused France to break off diplomatic relations with the US in 1793. France began seizing US ships on the high seas. This incident worsened relations with France at a time when US relations with Great Britain were also poor. 8. The _____ allowed the president to imprison people from another country who were not American citizens during time of war. 9. The _________ punished anyone who spoke out in "a false, scandalous and malicious nature against the president or Congress. List 10. List three factors that strained relations between America and Great Britain after the Revolutionary War? You do not have to answer in complete sentences. 11. To what position in government was each man appointed? If the individual held mulitple positions, be sure to include them all. George Washington: Thomas Jefferson: Alexander Hamilton: John Adams: James Madison:See Answer
  • Q9:Name of the work you read and author: Write a brief (3-4 sentences) summary of the reading (required for every reading check-in). Answer at least three (3) of the following questions about the reading. Please answer in complete sentences and with correct MLA internal documentation: 1. What lines/images/moments stuck out to you, and why? 2. What emotions did you feel when reading/view this piece? the pieces? 3. What language most stuck out to you from the project, and why? 4. What surprised you? What do you want to know more about?See Answer
  • Q10:1.) Unit 1 covered the first four chapters of "Give Me Liberty." Provide a brief synopsis of the early history. Why is it important to understand this early history and how does it shape our current viewsSee Answer
  • Q11:2.) Explain three areas of contention in early America. Provide the context and significance of the three topics. Provide your own analysis of why they matterSee Answer
  • Q12:1. Although many political leaders stated that they would like to see slavery slowly dissolve, why did this not occur? -Eli Whitney intended his cotton gin to help eliminate slave labor. Why did it in turn increase it?See Answer
  • Q13:Q.3) What was significant about the presidential election of 1828? How were electors chosen?See Answer
  • Q14:Q.8) Provide an overview of the Indian Removal Act.See Answer
  • Q15:Q.9) Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Declaration of Sentiments listed eighteen grievances against male suppression of women. Which grievance did not pass at first? What caused the final grievance to be passed?See Answer
  • Q16:Q.7) Social reforms brought many women to a realization of their own unequal position in society. List at least three issues concerning women's rights that were discussed and challenged during this period?See Answer
  • Q17: What was NOT a part of the compromise of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans? the House of Representatives would be apportioned by population the Senate would be composed of two delegates from each state O there would be a constitutional monarch each state would keep their western land claimsSee Answer
  • Q18: What did the Coercive Acts NOT do? closed the port of Boston until the tea was paid for any British official accused of a capital crime would be tried in Britain military commanders could house troops in colonists' homes O closed all colonial ports until they agreed to the Tea Act of 1773See Answer
  • Q19: Pontiac's Rebellion stemmed from what? no American Indians were represented at the Treaty of Paris in 1763 oppressive taxation the occupation of Boston by British troops a slave uprising in South CarolinaSee Answer
  • Q20: What was NOT a cause of the War of 1812? British ships firing on U.S. ships British impressing American sailors British inciting slaves to rebellion British support of American Indians on the U.S. western frontierSee Answer
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"They provide excellent assistance. What I loved the most about them is their homework help. They are available around the clock and work until you derive complete satisfaction. If you decide to use their service, expect a positive disconfirmation of expectations."


"After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."


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