1.The motor shown generates 15 horsepower at a rotation speed of 150 rpm. The pulley at D drives a belt that drives a fan blade that requires 5 horsepower.tion speed

of 150 rpm.The p ullev The pulley at A drives a belt that drives a turbine that uses 10 horsepower.The m oter The motor does not provide any support to the shaft. The bearings at B and C are smooth and provide only vertical reaction forces. a. If the pulleys are loaded as shown (400 Ibs at A and 800 lbs at D) calculate the reaction forces at Band C. . Calculate the internal reaction forces at F. c. Torque in the shaft generates shear stress; calculate the minimum shaft diameter that will support the torque in the shaft. Assume that the maximum shear stress you will allow is Tmax = 14,000 psi.

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