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General chemistry is an extensive field of study that covers topics such as atomic structure, molecular structure, chemical bonding, and acids and bases. To accomplish general chemistry homework, students must fully understand the theory, along with how to apply it. General chemistry is a complex subject as it has highly abstract concepts and requires a strong mathematical foundation. Therefore, there is a growing need for general chemistry homework help.

We are pleased to be the support system for many students with our general chemistry homework help. Our specialists offer students the necessary guidance they require to achieve their goal of acing general chemistry. At TutorBin, our general chemistry tutors always look for ways to simplify homework problems for students. Our esteemed instructors have helped several students improve their marks in their academic institutions by offering high-quality homework.

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Matter and measurementsTop-notch quality
The atom0% plagiarism
Chemical formulas and equationsOn-time delivery
States of matter100% accuracy
Thermochemistry and thermodynamicsFree revisions
Nuclear chemistryPocket-friendly prices

Topics Our General Chemistry Tutors Cover!

Our general chemistry tutors cover the following topics when they fulfill your request to “Do my general chemistry homework.”

  • Matter and Measurements
  • The Atom
  • Chemical Equations and Formulas
  • States of Matter
  • Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
  • Acid-Base and Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
  • Atomic Chemistry

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How much does TutorBin charge for general chemistry homework help?

Our fees for general chemistry homework help depend on several factors. The tutor's experience, amount of homework, level of difficulty, and proximity to the due date determines it.

Does TutorBin provide general chemistry solutions for free?

We have highly educated and experienced general chemistry experts. As a result, we do not provide free general chemistry solutions as we compensate them for their time and efforts. But you'll be able to afford our service as our cost is reasonable.

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You must establish a deadline to receive general chemistry homework solutions on time. But the complexity and deadline will determine the time our experts take to provide general chemistry answers.

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If you need solved examples, don't hesitate to contact general chemistry help websites for assistance. But before you hire someone to help you with general chemistry homework, think about the following aspects:

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Our general chemistry tutors make the following efforts to avoid plagiarism while offering help with general chemistry homework:

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How do I get homework help from a general chemistry tutor at TutorBin?

If you're looking for help from a general chemistry tutor at TutorBin, you can take the following steps:

  • Firstly, TutorBin is a good place for reliable general chemistry homework help.
  • Please specify whether you require general chemistry homework help, video solutions, or live teaching.
  • Create an account for free and post your question: "Can you do my general chemistry homework?" Don't hesitate to contact us at 7082686818 or for emergency general chemistry help, even at odd hours.
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  • You're ready to enlist the assistance of a general chemistry expert.

Recently Asked General Chemistry Questions

Expert help when you need it
  • Q1:1. The number of protons represents the a. atomic mass b. atomic number c. atomic weight d. atomic Isotope 2. The number of electrons in an element equals a. the number of neutrons b. the number of protons c. the number of protons + neutrons d. the number of protons-neutrons 3. An element has an atomic number of 25. That element is a. Na b. Sr c. Mn d. Cr 4. One proper way to indicate an isotope of Si with an atomic mass of 28 is a. 28-SI b. Si-28 C. 285 28 Si d. 5. How many neutrons are in the nucleus of Mo? a. 53 b. 42 c. 48 U.S4See Answer
  • Q2:Fill in the Blank: Element Indium In Y S Rubidium Rb Argon Yttrium Sulfur Symbol Protons 1+ Ar 37 Neutrons 50 22 Electrons Atomic Number 49 18 39 16 Atomic Mass 114 32 85See Answer
  • Q3:1 roac S Ily Neutral Solution pH of . It is said to be neutral. • This means that there are as many H* as OH. are neutral. and • Pure . is neither acidic or basic.See Answer
  • Q4:Buffers Substances that change_____in pH. _____H+ when pH is to low (acidic). _______H+ when pH is to high (basic). See Answer
  • Q5: 3) Write the expression of base dissociation constant for the following reaction point out the conjugate acid: \mathrm{NH}_{3}(\mathrm{aq})+\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}(\mathrm{l}) \rightleftharpoons \mathrm{NH}_{4}^{+}(\mathrm{aq})+\mathrm{OH}^{-}(\mathrm{aq})See Answer
  • Q6: The reaction of cyclohexadiene with acrolein is shown below. Use Frontier Molecular Orbital Theory (showing relevant orbital interactions) to explain why this reaction favours the endo product 18. Explain, using energy levels, why the reaction of cyclohexadiene proceedsrapidly with acrolein than with ethene.more Explain, using energy levels, why the reaction below, between an electron-deficient diene and an electron-rich alkene, occurs readily. Draw the structure, including stereochemistry, of the product 19 of the reaction below. Draw a 'curly' arrow mechanism and draw the transition state leading to See Answer
  • Q7: Many metals corrode. An experiment is carried out to see if magnesium ribbon wrapped around a piece of iron rod has an effect on the rate at which the iron rod rusts. The apparatus is shown in Figure 4. The method used is an iron rod, with magnesium ribbon wrapped around it, is placed in a boiling tube labelled A 10 cm3 water from a measuring cylinder is poured into this boiling tube an identical rod but with no magnesium ribbon wrapped around it is placed in a second boiling tube labelled B Both boiling tubes are left for a few days. (i) Explain why iron rod rather than stainless steel rod is used in this experiment. (iii) After a few days the two boiling tubes were examined. (ii) State why it is not necessary to use a pipette to measure out 10 cm3 water in this experiment.See Answer
  • Q8: The industrial production of sulfuric acid involves several steps. One of these steps is the reaction of sulfur dioxide, SO2, with oxygen to form sulfur trioxide, SO3. 250,(g) + O:(g) = 250,(g) he reaction to produce sulfur trioxide reaches an equilibrium. 250,(g) + 0,(g)- 250,(g) The forward reaction is exothermic. The rate of attainment of equilibrium and the equilibrium yield of sulfur trioxide are affected by pressure and temperature. A manufacturer considered two sets of conditions, A and B, for this reaction.In each case sulfur dioxide is mixed with excess oxygen.The manufacturer changed the temperature and the pressure and only used a catalyst in B.The sets of conditions A and B are shown in Figure 7. The manufacturer chooses set of conditions B rather than set of conditions A. Explain, by considering the effect of changing the conditions on the rate of attainment of equilibrium andon the equilibrium yield of sulfur trioxide, why the manufacturer chooses the set of conditions B ratherthan the set of conditions A.See Answer
  • Q9: 2 Sodium hydride, NaH, can be used to generate hydrogen for fuel cells. (a) In order to calculate the first electron affinity of hydrogen, a student was asked to draw a Born-Haber cycle for sodium hydride. The cycle had two errors but the numerical data were correct. (i) Identify and correct the two errors in this Born-Haber cycle. (ii) Calculate the first electron affinity, in kJmol", of hydrogen, using the values given in the cycle. (b) The equation for the formation of sodium hydride is \mathrm{Na}(\mathrm{s})+1 / 2 \mathrm{H}_{2}(\mathrm{q}) \rightarrow \mathrm{NaH}(\mathrm{s}) \quad \Delta_{\mathrm{f}} H^{\theta}=-56 \mathrm{~kJ} \mathrm{~mol}^{-1} \text { The standard entropy change of the system, } \Delta S_{\text {system }}^{\ominus}, \text { for this reaction is } -76.5 \mathrm{JK}^{-1} \mathrm{~mol}^{-1} i) Deduce the feasibility of this reaction at 298 K by calculating the free energy change, AG.וא) \text { Calculate the temperature at which } \Delta G=0 (c) The sodium hydride is crushed in the presence of water to release the hydrogen gas for a fuel cell. The overall equation for the reaction occurring in the fuel cell is \mathrm{H}_{2}(\mathrm{~g})+1 / \mathrm{O}_{2}(\mathrm{~g}) \rightarrow \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}(\mathrm{l}) In an alkaline fuel cell the oxidation half-equation is \mathrm{H}_{2}(\mathrm{~g})+2 \mathrm{OH}^{-}(\mathrm{aq}) \rightarrow 2 \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}(\mathrm{l})+2 \mathrm{e}^{-} Deduce the reduction half-equation for the alkaline fuel cell.See Answer
  • Q10: Q4) Consider the following pH curve: a) Explain if the analyte used to obtain the following pH curve was strong or weak, an acid or a base, monoprotic or polyprotic and HOW YOU KNOW (i.e.what were the give away clues.) b) What would be an appropriate indicator for this reaction? Explain why.See Answer
  • Q11: Into a beaker of ultrapure water, 20 mL of hexane is added. A high-speed stirrer thencauses the hexane to be distributed into a dispersion of droplets, each of radius 1 um.If the water/hexane interfacial tension is 50.2 mN m-', how much work is done indispersing the oil? What is the pressure difference between the inside and outside of each droplet?See Answer
  • Q12: Which drawing(s) represents a face-centered cubic unit cell? See Answer
  • Q13: Arrange the boiling points of the aqueous solutions, relative to pure water. Assume complete dissociation for the ionic compounds. See Answer
  • Q14: 14. The following table gives experimental boiling points for a series of compounds containing group 16 elements bonded to hydrogen atoms. a) (2 marks) Briefly explain the main reason why boiling point decreases from H2Te to H2Se to H2S. b) (1 mark) Briefly explain why H2O seemingly breaks this trend with a higher boiling point compared to most of the others. See Answer
  • Q15: In which reaction is nitrogen reduced? \mathrm{Cu}^{2+}+2 \mathrm{NO}_{2}+2 \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O} \rightarrow \mathrm{Cu}+4 \mathrm{H}^{+}+2 \mathrm{NO}_{3}^{-} \mathrm{Q} 4 \mathrm{Zn}+10 \mathrm{H}^{+}+\mathrm{NO}_{3}^{-} \rightarrow 4 \mathrm{Zn}^{2+}+\mathrm{NH}_{4}{ }^{+}+3 \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O} 2 \mathrm{NO}+\mathrm{O}_{2} \rightarrow 2 \mathrm{NO}_{2} 4 \mathrm{NH}_{3}+5 \mathrm{O}_{2} \rightarrow 4 \mathrm{NO}+6 \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}See Answer
  • Q16: 2) Write the expression of acid dissociation constant for the following reaction and point out the conjugate base: \mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{COOH}(\mathrm{aq})+\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}(\mathrm{l}) \rightleftharpoons \mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{COO}^{-}(\mathrm{aq})+\mathrm{H}_{3} \mathrm{O}^{+}(\mathrm{aq})See Answer
  • Q17: 1. Calculate the maximum number of electrons with principal quantum number; а) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4See Answer
  • Q18: Methylamine ,CH3NH2, is a weak base with a K, value of 4. 37 × 10¬4 .Find the pH of a 3.75 mol/L solution. [8 marks T]See Answer
  • Q19: Covalent substances can be simple molecular covalent or giant covalent. Oxygen, O2, is also a simple molecular, covalent substance. Draw a dot and cross diagram for the molecule of oxygen.See Answer
  • Q20: The sodium ion and the neon atom are iso electronic (have the same electron configuration). (8 marks – 4 marks each) Write the electron configuration for the sodium ion and neon atom. b) Describe and explain the similarities and differences in the properties of these two chemical entities.See Answer
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"They provide excellent assistance. What I loved the most about them is their homework help. They are available around the clock and work until you derive complete satisfaction. If you decide to use their service, expect a positive disconfirmation of expectations."


"After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."


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