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Starting your academic journey with AutoCAD opens the door to the fascinating world of computer-aided design (CAD) software. AutoCAD is a powerful tool widely used in architecture, engineering, and design. It helps students learn how to accurately make 2D and 3D drawings and models. AutoCAD is extensive, with nearly 3000 commands, which can be challenging, especially for students pursuing mechanical or civil engineering degrees. Understanding all the ins and outs of AutoCAD might appear overwhelming because it's a highly intricate and multifaceted software program. But don't worry; TutorBin AutoCAD homework help is here to guide you with expert assistance and support.

Our expert AutoCAD tutors specialize in simplifying the complexities of CAD by breaking down the software into meaningful and relevant segments. We offer round-the-clock accessibility and engaging, interactive sessions to create a learning environment tailored to your needs. Whether you're struggling with 2D drafting or diving into 3D modeling, our expert tutors are dedicated to your success.

Don't be discouraged by AutoCAD's complexity. Use our knowledge and start your exciting learning adventure today. Our main aim is to help you become a pro at this vital design and engineering software, and we'll be by your side throughout your journey.

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Many students find AutoCAD challenging to learn, but TutorBin offers high-quality online AutoCAD homework help tailored to your needs. Our platform features expert AutoCAD tutors ready to guide you through AutoCAD, helping you master it. We focus on your success by providing personalized guidance that matches your learning style and pace, making AutoCAD concepts clear and practical. With an easy-to-use interface, timely support, and a commitment to your academic progress, TutorBin is your trusted partner for excelling in AutoCAD. Say goodbye to homework stress and get the best support here.

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Embarking on intricate AutoCAD assignments can leave you in a quandary. TutorBin extends a helping hand to anyone grappling with the intricacies of AutoCAD. Whether you're an engineering, architecture, or design student, our online AutoCAD homework assistance is a helpful solution. In this digital era, adept guidance is easily within reach for learners across all levels, from novices to advanced practitioners.

If drafting, 2D and 3D modeling, or the labyrinthine AutoCAD commands pose challenges, platforms like TutorBin offer a nurturing environment to connect with proficient tutors. Through our expert guidance, you can confidently refine your skills, complete assignments, and unlock your full potential to ace this subject in order to achieve academic success. Don't allow intricate drawings or perplexing commands to hinder your progress – embrace online AutoCAD homework help and stride confidently in your design expedition.

AutoCAD Tutors Online - Is It Worth To Hire Them?

Our skilled tutors give you personalized guidance and know a lot about AutoCAD's tools and how it works. By getting our online AutoCAD tutor help, you can learn from their technical knowledge and experience. This can help you improve drafting and design and overcome challenges more easily. Since they're online, you can learn at your own speed and when it's best for you. So, hiring them is a good idea because you'll get a lot out of it.

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Challenges Where Students Need AutoCAD Assignment Help

Completing AutoCAD assignments can pose significant challenges for students, leading them to seek online assistance. These challenges can vary from tackling complex drawings and 3D modeling to limited software proficiency and time constraints. TutorBin AutoCAD assignment help is your solution to overcoming these hurdles. Here are some specific challenges that students encounter:

1. Complexity of Design Requirements

AutoCAD assignments frequently involve intricate design specifications and requirements, which can overwhelm students, particularly those in their early education stages. Understanding and implementing these complex design elements can be challenging without proper guidance and support.

2. Inadequate Instruction

Some students may receive insufficient or unclear instructions from their professors or educational institutions regarding AutoCAD assignments. This lack of clarity can leave students feeling lost and unsure about how to proceed, necessitating external assistance.

3. Scale and Precision

AutoCAD requires a high level of precision, especially when working on architectural or engineering designs. Students may struggle with accurately scaling drawings and ensuring that measurements are correct, which can impact the quality of their assignments.

4. 3D Modeling Complexity

When assignments involve 3D modeling in AutoCAD, students may struggle to grasp the intricacies of creating and manipulating three-dimensional objects. This complexity can make it challenging to visualize and construct complex 3D models accurately.

5. Symbol Libraries and Standards

AutoCAD assignments often require specific symbols, annotations, and industry standards. Students may struggle to locate and utilize the appropriate symbol libraries and adhere to the required standards, leading to errors and inconsistencies in their work.

6. Integration with Other Software

Some assignments may necessitate integrating AutoCAD with other software tools or applications, such as Autodesk Revit or SolidWorks. Students may face difficulties seamlessly integrating these software packages, affecting the overall functionality of their designs.

AutoCAD Topics & Concepts Covered

Drawing Setup Units, limits, grid, snap, ortho
Basic Drawing Commands Line, circle, rectangle, arc, polyline
Editing and Modifying Objects Move, copy, rotate, scale, mirror, offset
Object Properties Layer, color, linetype, lineweight, transparency
Precision and Accuracy Snap settings, object tracking, polar tracking
Annotation and Text Text styles, dimensions, leaders, tables
3D Modeling Basics Extrude, revolve, loft, sweep, subtract
Isometric Drawing Creating 3D-like views using isometric projection
Dynamic Blocks Creating blocks with adjustable parameters

AutoCAD Assignment Help

What Do You Get When You Pay Someone to Do My AutoCAD Homework?

When you choose TutorBin for your AutoCAD assignment help, you're making a smart decision that can significantly impact your academic success. Our platform is dedicated to providing students like you with top-notch assistance in AutoCAD and various other subjects. Here's what you can expect when you connect with us for your AutoCAD homework help:

1. Comprehensive CAD Assistance

Our experts provide support for various AutoCAD areas, including 2D drafting, 3D modeling, rendering, and parametric design, covering architectural, mechanical, and electrical projects.

2. Concept Clarity

Strengthen your foundational knowledge by resolving doubts and better grasping intricate AutoCAD concepts.

3. Troubleshooting & Error Resolution

Resolve complex AutoCAD issues such as software glitches, compatibility challenges, and drawing errors to keep your projects on course.

4.Customization & Scripting

Learn to customize AutoCAD through scripts and macros, automating tasks, crafting custom commands, and tailoring AutoCAD to your specific requirements.

5. Enhanced Visual Presentations

Elevate the visual appeal of your AutoCAD drawings and models with advice on materials, rendering settings, and creating professional project presentations.

6. Plagiarism Prevention

Ensuring originality and integrity in your CAD projects through education, citation, and ethical practices.

7.On-Time Submissions

Ensure timely assignment submissions with the support of our expert AutoCAD tutors, who excel at managing deadlines.

TutorBin AutoCAD Homework Help

Students from around the world choose us for their AutoCAD help with homework, based on our distinctive advantages. Let's explore what distinguishes us:

1. Expert Guidance

Our AutoCAD tutors have in-depth knowledge of the software's features, tools, and techniques. They can guide you through various aspects, from basic drawing to advanced 3D modeling, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding.

2. Personalized Learning

Our online AutoCAD tutors provide tailored learning experiences, adjusting their teaching to your skill level, learning style, and goals. This individualized attention boosts your skill development.

3. Enhanced Learning

Beyond assignment completion, TutorBin aims to deepen your understanding of AutoCAD. Our tutors provide detailed explanations and feedback, helping you grasp the software's core concepts.

4. Boost Confidence

By receiving expert guidance and enhancing your AutoCAD skills with TutorBin, you will develop the confidence necessary to excel in upcoming projects and courses.

5. Immediate Feedback

Our online tutoring platforms offer real-time interaction, providing instant feedback on your assignment to help you correct mistakes and improve your skills.

6. Flexible Scheduling

We provide scheduling flexibility, especially beneficial for busy students and professionals. Choose timings that suit you, making learning convenient.

7. Cost-Effective

Unlike traditional in-person tutoring, our online AutoCAD tutors offer more competitive rates, making high-quality teaching accessible to a wider audience.

8. Convenience

Learning AutoCAD online means studying from the comfort of your home or any location with an internet connection, eliminating the need for commuting and allowing you to learn at your own pace.

9. Revision Assistance

If you need revisions or have questions after receiving your assignment, our tutors are readily available to provide post-delivery support and address any concerns.

10. Plagiarism-Free Work

Academic integrity is paramount at TutorBin. We guarantee that all solutions provided are original and free from plagiarism, ensuring your work's credibility.

11. Confidentiality

Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that your personal information and assignment details are kept confidential.

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Struggling with AutoCAD assignments? TutorBin offers a quick and effective solution. Our team of skilled AutoCAD tutors is dedicated to providing you with immediate support. Whether you're grappling with intricate drawings or advanced 3D modeling, our tutors will walk you through each step. Don't let the complexities of AutoCAD software hinder your progress; we're here to simplify problems and boost your comprehension.

Explore a streamlined path to mastering AutoCAD with our comprehensive solutions and expert assistance. Say goodbye to the stress of incomplete assignments and receive academic excellence with TutorBin.

Receive the timely assistance you need and excel in your AutoCAD assignments with us. Our tailored solutions and committed support are designed to enrich your learning journey and ensure your success. Don't allow AutoCAD to hold you back – conquer it confidently with our expert guidance.

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Wherever you are on the map, TutorBin AutoCAD help with homework is within your reach. Our online support is accessible to students all around the world, breaking down geographical barriers to your success. Join our diverse global community of learners, and let's elevate your AutoCAD skills together. No matter the time zone, we're here to empower you on your academic journey. Don't miss out on the opportunity to excel in AutoCAD – join us today and experience the academic growth on your own.

AutoCAD Help FAQs Searched By Students

Can I pay someone to do my AutoCAD homework help?

Yes, at TutorBin, you can pay for our qualified tutors to handle your AutoCAD homework, leading to a better understanding and improved knowledge of the subject.

Where can I get help with AutoCAD assignments?

When you're stuck with AutoCAD homework, you can use sites like TutorBin for expert AutoCAD assignment help. Just visit the website, share what you need, and they'll provide round-the-clock professional assistance to enhance your understanding and skills.

What should I do if I need help with AutoCAD?

If you're saying, "I need help with AutoCAD," you're in the right place. Simply submit your assignment on TutorBin, and our tutors will provide your guidance.

Are there online AutoCAD homework helpers available?

Yes, at TutorBin, you'll find online AutoCAD homework helpers who can assist you with your assignments.

How much should AutoCAD homework cost?

There is no fixed cost for AutoCAD homework assistance. The cost depends on the complexity of your problem areas, deadline proximity, and availability of tutors.

Recently Asked AutoCAD Questions

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  • Q1:1- Draw 3 views (front, side and top) of the below assembly part by using AutoCAD software and obeying technical drawing rules. Demonstrate all necessary measurements.See Answer
  • Q2:2- Draw below 2-D assembly part by using AutoCAD software and obeying technical drawing rules. Demonstrate all necessary measurements. See Answer
  • Q3:ACAD1-4 Stair Section Project Brief: The interpretation of data is an important skill used when we create the necessary technical documents for a project. For this project you will utilize plan and detail views of a stair to create the required stair section to communicate the sizes and components of its construction. For additional AutoCAD information, refer to the modules found in AutoCAD 2023 Student Notes. Deliverables: AutoCAD .dwg drawing file of your completed stair section. Plotted drawing showing your stair section to the indicated scale. Your instructor will indicate their preferred format. Assessment: Start a new drawing using the acadiso metric template. Format units - Length Type: decimal to 2 decimal places / angle type: decimal degrees to 2 decimal placesSee Answer
  • Q4:1. When drawing in 2D, what axis do you NOT work with? a) X b) Y c) Z d) WCS 2. What should you pay attention to when learning AutoCAD? a) The Command Line b) The Status Bar c) The Title Bar d) Tool Icons 3. Polar coordinates are used mostly for drawing...? a) Circles b) Arcs c) Vertical lines d) Angled lines 4. What does WCS stand for? a) Western CAD System b) Worldwide Coordinate Sectors c) World Coordinate System d) Wrong CAD Settings 5. How many points do you need to define for the rectangle command? a) One b) Two c) Four d) None/n6. How long will a line from 1,4 to 4,4 be? a) Four units b) Eight Units c) Can't accurately tell from those coordinates d) Three Units 7. How should you select objects when using the stretch command? a) With a crossing window b) Pick them one by one c) Hold the shift key while selecting d) Type 'S' 8. The origin of a drawing is at: a) The first point you select 0,0 b) A random point in space 10,10 9. Objects are rotated around the a) Base point b) Bottom right of the object c) Centre of the object d) Origin 10. When using the TRIM command, which do you select first? a) The cutting edges b) The object to be trimmed c) Everything d) Nothing 11. The fillet command creates? a) Sharp Corners b) Round Corners c) Round and Sharp Corners d) None of the above 12. A polar array creates new objects... a) In a grid pattern b) In a straight line c) In a circular pattern d) In a northern pattern 13. The distances of a chamfer are: a) Always different b) Always the same c) Sometimes different d) Never the same/n14. You should use O snaps when you dimension... a) Never b) Always c) Only on lines d) Only on arcs and circles 15. How many layers should a drawing have? a) One b) Ten c) One for each object d) As many as are needed to clearly display the objects 16. Scaling objects makes them... a) Bigger b) Smaller c) It only stretches them d) Both Bigger and Smaller 17. Which one is NOT a vaild type of unit? 18. a) Architectural b) Decimal c) Open d) Metric What do you NOT need to consider when starting a CAD drawing? If you can draw it a) If you have enough paper b) If you have all the measurements needed c) If AutoCAD is installed on your computer 19. Panning allows you to... a) Minimize the drawing b) See all of the drawing at once c) Close in on a small area d) Move around the drawing at the same scale 20. Why should you use the Zoom tools? a) To be more accurate b) To be faster c) To make your drawing easier d) All of the above/nAnswer any 2 Questions. 1. Discuss in detail about Layout in AutoCAD. 2. How to insert 3 phase wire in AutoCAD Electrical. 3. Explain in detail about view cube. PART - C Answer any 2 Questions. 1. Explain in detail about AutoCAD Layer.See Answer
  • Q5:This project is included here as a way to help you get used to the Screencast-o-matic software. You will be using this software in future assignments. Screencast-o-matic allows you to capture your computer screen while you click and narrate what is happening. This requires a computer/laptop with a microphone. You could be running a PowerPoint slide deck on your laptop and narrating as you go, capturing the whole thing as a presentation. Or, as in this assignment, you could be demonstrating a piece of software. Your job: 1. Visit the Screencast-o-matic website and download the free screen capture software. 2. Review how to use the software. You can check out their Ultimate Guide On How to Screen Record. 3. Choose a piece of CAD software you are comfortable using and record a 5-minute introductory tour of the software. Treat this as if you are introducing the software to someone who has no idea what it does or how to use it. (You narrating while clicking.)See Answer
  • Q6:CVEN 1025 3 Credit Lab 2 Lab Work: AutoCAD 2023 Instructor . Chapter 3 Exercises • Exercise 1, p62 • . • • Exercise 4, p53 • Complete circle exercise, save and submit labp4.DWG file. Exercise 5, 64 . • Complete horizontal line exercise, save and submitlabp5.DWG file. Exercise 8, p56 Submission Details: Denver IN THE CITY Complete horizontal line exercise, save and submit labp1.DWG file. AutoCAD Civil Engineering Graphics and Computer Aided Design Complete circle exercise, save and submit labpe DWG fle Exercise 9, p56 Complete horizontal line exercise, save and submit labp.DWG fle Exercise 12.56 Complete circle exercise, save and submit lab12.DWG fie • Using Polar Tracking, Polar Snap, and Dynamic Input p63 Complete exercise, save and submit ptrack-polarsnap.dwgfe . Submit to Canvas 6 AutoCAD Drawing Files (DWG) Textbook Chapters to Review: • AutoCAD 2023 Instructor . Chaplers 3 and 8/nCVEN 1025 001-3 Credits Autocad Introduction Homework Exercise 2: . Please complete the following problems from the text book Chapter 3 . 10 12 13 15 Chapter 8 Submission Details: . Submit to Canvas asa dwg enver MAIN THE CITY Textbook Chapters to Review: . Chapter 3 and 8. AutoCAD Civil Engineering Graphics and Computer Aided DesignSee Answer
  • Q7:need a cad design for a jaw articulator Need to use autocad software and Need to send the model design only The image added is taken from INTERNET and is for reference purpose only yes, what we need to do is after you we need to send student 5-6 models example with website links and then student will confirm on whcin we need to workSee Answer
  • Q8:B00GG Wonder Care™ ADING REAKTION 720000 Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser | Washable & Hygienic I... VisitSee Answer
  • Q9: Ex. 1. Prepare a 3D model of an object 38 21 Computer Aided Design 36 3 14 58 84 Basics of 3D modelling 12 43 10 1 Ex. 2. Prepare a 3D model of an object 60 55 Computer Aided Design 10 50. 35 14 30 77 Basics of 3D modelling OF 20 18 30 2 Ex. 3. Prepare a 3D model of an object 40 0.9 91 36 Computer Aided Design 24 30 66 84 Basics of 3D modelling 18 26 37 1 3 Ex. 4. Prepare a 3D model of an object 45 26 15 Computer Aided Design 40 26 38 78 Basics of 3D modelling 15 16 26 4 20 Ex. 5. Prepare a 3D model of an object QF Computer Aided Design 8 30 50 45 50 60 R20 90 R15 Basics of 3D modelling 40 3 70 5See Answer
  • Q10:Homework Exercise 5: • Please complete the following problems from the text book. o Chapter 20 ▪ 5 o Chapter 21 1 ▪ 2 o Chapter 22 1 Chapter 30 1 Submission Details: • Submit to Canvas as a .dwg Textbook Chapters to Review: • Chapter 20, 21, 22, and 30.See Answer
  • Q11:Homework Exercise 5: • Please complete the following problems from the text book. o Chapter 20 ▪ 5 o Chapter 21 1 ▪ 2 o Chapter 22 1 Chapter 30 1 Submission Details: • Submit to Canvas as a .dwg Textbook Chapters to Review: • Chapter 20, 21, 22, and 30.See Answer
  • Q12:1. Create 3 Circles and 2 Rectangles 2. Select all a. b. 3. Selects Similar a. b. c. Use the "selall" command Take a screenshot of selected objects Use the "selectsimilar" command 4. Group a. Use the group command b. Select your 3 circles c. Name this group circles d. Save the file as "lab5a" 6. Block Select one of your objects Take a screenshot of selected objects 5. Group Edit a. Use the groupedit command b. Remove one of the circles from the group c. Save the file as "lab5b" 7. Insert a. Use the block command b. Choose a base point and select the two rectangles c. Name the block rectangles a. Use the "-insert" command b. Insert the retangles block c. Save the file as "lab5c" 8. Xreference a. Open a new file b. Use the xreference command c. Select attach dwg d. Select your lab file lab5a.dwg e. Insert the file into your drawings at 0,0 wit a scale of 1 and rotation of 0 f. Save the file as "lab5d"See Answer
  • Q13:Q1 Where can you choose the type of projection (First angle or Third angle) to use in a drawing? Question options: File properties. Document properties. Sheet properties Drawing properties.See Answer
  • Q14:Q2 2 Top Plane 3 Right Plane 1 Front Plane Plane C Object 1. Plane A 2. Plane B 3. Plane C Hane B Plane ASee Answer
  • Q15:Q3 What is an oblique surface? Question options: A surface that is slanted in two different directions. An elongated surface. A curved surface. A surface that is slanted in one direction.See Answer
  • Q16:Q4 For third-angle projections, the orthographic view is Question options: projected on a plane located between the viewer's position and the object. Projected on a plane located beyond the object. Projected on a plane to the left of the object. Projected on a plane under the viewer's position.See Answer
  • Q17:Q5 For first-angle projections, the orthographic view is Question options: projected on a plane located between the viewer's position and the object. projected on a plane located beyond the object. Projected on a plane to the left of the object. Projected on a plane under the viewer's position.See Answer
  • Q18:Q6 recedence of Lines: Order these types of lines by precedence in drawings, with lines taking precedence coming before lines they take precedence over. Questions options: _3__ Hidden Line ___1__Centerline __2__Solid LineSee Answer
  • Q19:2. Layer Properties Manager and Linetype Manager A. Begin a New drawing and use Save to assign the name CH11EX2. Set Limits to 11 x 8.5, then Zoom All. Use the Linetype Manager to list the loaded linetypes. Are any linetypes already loaded? PICK the Load button then right-click to Select All linetypes. Select OK, then close the Linetype Manager. B. Use the Layer Properties Manager to create 3 new layers named OBJ, HID, and CEN. Assign the following colors, linetypes, and lineweights to the layers by clicking on the Color, Linetype, and Lineweight columns. OBJ HID CEN C. Make the OBJ layer Current and PICK the OK tile. Verify the current layer by looking at the Layer Control drop-down list, then draw the visible object Lines and the Circle only (not the dimensions) as shown in Figure 11-46. Red Yellow Green FIGURE 11-46 $1.50- Continuous Hidden2 Center2 1.00 5.00 -2.50 Default Default Default 1.25 L 2.50 -1.00 2.00 1.50See Answer
  • Q20:4. Create a New BSHEET Template Drawing Complete this exercise if your system is configured with a "B" size printer or plotter. A. Using the template drawing in the previous exercise, create a template for a standard engineering "B" size sheet. First, use the New command. When the Select a Template File dialog box appears, locate and select the ASHEET.DWT. When the drawing opens, set the model space Limits to 17 x 11 and Zoom All. B. Activate Layout 1. Erase the existing viewport. Activate the Page Setup Manager and select the Modify button. In the Page Setup dialog box select a print or plot device that can use a "B" size sheet (17 x 11). In the Paper Size drop-down list, select ANSI B (11 x 17 inches). Close the dialog box and the Page Setup Manager. C. Make VPORTS the Current layer. Then use the Vports command and select a Single viewport and accept the default (Fit) option to create one viewport at the maximum size for the printable area. Finally, make the Model tab active. All other settings and layers are okay as they are. Use Saveas and save the new drawing as a template (.DWT) drawing in your working directory. Assign the name BSHEET.See Answer
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TutorBin AutoCAD homework help is a dream come true for anyone aiming to become a CAD designer. The tutors are patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Their visual aids and step-by-step explanations were invaluable in helping me master AutoCAD. Thanks to TutorBin, I'm one step closer to my career goals!


I was feeling overwhelmed by my AutoCAD homework until I discovered TutorBin. Their tutors are not only knowledgeable but also patient and supportive. They tailored their teaching to my pace and made learning AutoCAD a breeze. I wouldn't have aced my assignments without their help!