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The area of mechanics known as statics focuses on analyzing loads (force and torque, or "moment") on physical systems in static equilibrium. That is a situation in which structures and components move at a constant speed or the relative positions of subsystems do not change over time. Though it is not a complex subject, some expert assistance can help you master it quickly. And what better place than TutorBin for help with statics homework?

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Statics mainly deal with the following quantities:

  • Vectors
  • Force
  • Moment of a force
  • Equilibrium equations
  • Moment of inertia
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    Recently Asked Statics Questions

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    • Q1: The wedge shown in the figure below is used to level the member.The coefficient of static friction between the wedge and the two surfaces of contact Determine the horizontal force P that must be applied to begin to push the wedge forward. Neglect the weight of the wedge. See Answer
    • Q2: Consider the channel shown in the figure below. Supposethat a = 330 mm, b 220 mm, c = 50 mm. Determine the location y (y bar) of the%3Dcentroid of the channel's cross-sectional area. Determine the moment of inertiaof the area about this axis.See Answer
    • Q3: 5. The illustrators of the textbook forgot to include Point G on the picture below. Point G has (x,y,z) coordinates of (4m, 8m, -3m). Determine the moment created by the force F about point P and then about point G. See Answer
    • Q4: . Determine the resultant moment about point A for the system shown below. See Answer
    • Q6: 1. Find the resultant moment acting about the base of the tree. See Answer
    • Q7: Problem 3 (20 Points Total): A circuit is shown below. An input voltage, e;(t), is applied. The output voltage,e.(t), is measured across the resistor, R3. (a) (8 points) Find the transfer function using the impedance method and fill in the missing entries below insymbolic form. \frac{E_{o}(s)}{E_{i}(s)}=\frac{[] s^{2}+[] s+[]}{[] s^{2}+[] s+[]} (b) (3 points) The input is a step function e;(t) = vo · u(t) where v, has units of volts. Find the initial voltagedrop at the output, lim e. (t), and find the steady state voltage drop at the output, eoss = lim e,(t). Entert→0t→∞them below. (Hint: This answer can be obtained either mathematically by applying the initial valuetheorem (IVT) and final value theorem to the result in part (a), or through physical reasoning.) e.(0) %3Deo,ss (c) (3 points) The circuit has the following parameter values: L = 120 mH, C = 1.5 µF, R1= 1000 N,R2 := 2200 2, R3 = 200 Q. Compute the natural frequency wn and damping ratio 3 of the circuit.Round to three significant digits. Units are already given. Note: First calculate the rounded value of wn. Use this value to find the damping ratio 3 and roundagain. Wnrad/s ) (6 points) The magnitude step input, v,, is 24V. Using the component value already given and zeroinitial conditions, choose the graph that best represents the response of the circuit e,(t). Physicallyjustify your answers not just to proove your math is correct, but to check to see if your math is not right.If your intuition does not agree with the mathematics, and you have time, check the mathematics! See Answer
    • Q9: QUESTION 22 Are your results in questions 19 and 21 different?See Answer
    • Q10: 1. Multiple ropes are used to support a crate which has a mass of 500 kg.Determine the tension in ropes AB, AC, and AD. See Answer
    • Q11: Determine the moment created by the forces about point A if FR =50 lb andFc =30 lb. See Answer
    • Q12: Please upload the details solution here (PDF file); (Please show all the steps followed to reach the answer).See Answer
    • Q13:P = 1030 N M = 98 Nm The two beams are shown below. Please have every item requested below. All plots must either be hand drawn or generated using MATLAB. If the graphs are created in any other way, then no credit will be received. Work must be presented in a reader friendly format. Please have the free body diagram with each consecutive diagram displayed below it, the same way the project summary page was designed. 1) Beam 1 a. Free body diagram b. Normal force diagram c. Shear force diagram d. Moment force diagram e. Shear force singularity function f. Moment force singularity function 2) Beam 2 a. Free body diagram b.Shear force diagram c. Moment force diagram d. Shear force singularity function e. Moment force singularity function See Answer
    • Q14: The members of a truss are connected to the gusset plate. If the forces are concurrent at point O, determine the magnitudes of F and T for equilibrium. Take θ= 90°.See Answer
    • Q15:Prob. 2.13-5. A titanium-alloy bar has the following original dimensions: a = 10 in., b = 4 in., and c = 2 in. The bar is sub- jected to stresses ₂ = 14 ksi anda, = -6 ksi, as indicated in Fig. P2.13-5. The remaining stresses-2 Ty Tz, and Tyz- are all zero. Let E = 16 x 10³ ksi and p = 0.33 for the titanium alloy. (a) Determine the changes in the lengths: Aa, Ab, and Ac, where a = a + Aa, etc. (b) Determine the dilatation, ev. C6 ksi P2.13-5 14 kslSee Answer
    • Q16:Prob. 2.13-8. A thin, rectangular plate is subjected to a uni- form biaxial state of stress (,,,). All other components of stress are zero. The initial dimensions of the plate are L₂ = 4 in. and Ly = 2 in., but after the loading is applied, the dimen- sions are L = 4.00176 in., and L=2.00344 in. If it is known that = 10 ksi and E= 10 x 10²³ ksi, (a) what is the value of Poisson's ratio? (b) What is the value of o,? P2.13-8 o₂ = 10 kslSee Answer
    • Q17:Prob. 2.9-5. A bar with rectangular cross section is subjected to an axial tensile load P, as shown in Fig. P2.9-5. (a) Determine the angle, call it enas of the plane NN' on which Tnt = 2σn, that is, the plane on which the magnitude of the shear stress is twice the magnitude of the normal stress. (b) Determine the angle, call it Onb, of the plane on which on = 27nt (Hint: You can get approximate answers from Fig. 2.34.) P N N' P2.9-5 (5000)See Answer
    • Q18:Prob. 2.9-10. At room temperature (70°F) and with no axial load (P = 0) the extensional strain of the prismatic bar (Fig. P2.9-10) in the axial direction is zero, that is, x = 0. Subsequently, the bar is heated to 120°F and a tensile load P is applied. The material properties for the bar are: E = 10 x 10³ ksi and a = 13 x 10-6/°F, and the cross-sectional area of the bar is 1.8 in². For the latter load-temperature condi- tion, the extensional strain is found to be ex = 900 × 10¯6 in.. (a) Determine the value of the axial tensile load P. (b) De- termine the normal stress and the shear stress on the oblique plane NN'. (Note: The total strain is the sum of strain asso- ciated with normal stress o, (Eq. 2.14) and the strain due to change of temperature AT (Eq. 2.8).) Gage measures extensional strain €x N N' 25° P2.9-10 P ·xSee Answer
    • Q19:Remember to think about what you are given and what is happening in the problem to pick a coordinate system. 1 A radar is tracking a rocket. At some instant of time, the distance, r, and angle, 0, are measured as 10 mi and 30°, respectively. From successive measurements, the derivatives, r, , 0, .. and are estimated to be 650 ft/s, 2 2 165 ft/s, 0.031 rad/s, and 0.005 rad/s, respectively. Determine the velocity and acceleration of the rocket.See Answer
    • Q20:(2) The bead shown is sliding around a circular ring 3 m in diameter. At the instant shown ( 30 ), the speed of the bead is v = 2 4 m/s and the speed is increasing at a rate of v = 5 m/s². Determine the acceleration (magnitude and direction) of the bead. 1.5m given the components use right triangle geometry to determine the angle.See Answer
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    "They provide excellent assistance. What I loved the most about them is their homework help. They are available around the clock and work until you derive complete satisfaction. If you decide to use their service, expect a positive disconfirmation of expectations."


    "After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."


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