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  • Q1: Explain the role of eicosanoids formed as a result of metabolism of n-3and n-6 fatty acids in human physiological processes. In your answer consider data from relevant observational (epidemiological) studies alongside explanation of mechanism of action of these eicosanoids.2.See Answer
  • Q2: Evaluate the evidence for the effect of fibre on satiety. Translate the evidence behind using dietary fibre to regulate satiety into practical advice that you would give to someone wishing to lose weight. Use appropriate information from research literature.3. In your answer consider data from relevant observational(epidemiological) studies alongside explanation of mechanisms of action of dietary fibre on satiety.(25 marks)See Answer
  • Q3:Discuss the clinical presentation of this case & relate it to the laboratory findings and interpretations. See Answer
  • Q4:Discuss all abnormal results and explain the underlying cause/s of each abnormal laboratory result. See Answer
  • Q5:Describe the acid-base disturbance and explain WHY you have reached this condition. See Answer
  • Q6:Calculate the anion gap and comment on its significance. Describe what could be the cause of the abnormality, if applicable. See Answer
  • Q7:Calculate the plasma osmolality and comment on its significance. See Answer
  • Q8:Explain which result/s are most indicative of diabetes condition. See Answer
  • Q9:What is C-peptide? Is this patient’s C-peptide concentration likely to be low, normal or high/why? See Answer
  • Q10:Explain the pathophysiology of the different types of Diabetes Mellitus. See Answer
  • Q11:Consider the enzyme-catalyzed reaction AB. You determine experimentally that the maximal initial velocity. Vmax for the amount of enzyme you have added is 50 mM of B appearing per minute. You also determine that the Michaelis constant, K. for this enzyme is 20 mM of A. What concentration of A will give an initial velocity of 25 mM of B appearing per minute?See Answer
  • Q12:This is a titration curve for which amino acid?See Answer
  • Q13:a) Briefly describe the overall tertiary structure of MHETase. (Approach this as in Problem 1.) How many and what kind of domains does the polypeptide have (e.g., what class)? Even if you think that there is a single domain, would there be a way to divide it into 2 sub-domains? Specify which parts of the polypeptide below to each domain or sub- domain (unless you think that there is only 1 domain and no sub-domains).See Answer
  • Q14:b) MHETase is believed to use a catalytic triad to hydrolyze the ester linkage in MHET, just like the catalytic triad in the serine proteases. Examine the structure of MHETase complexed with the analog and identify the 3 residues in the catalytic triad. For each one, find the most important distance between that residue and its partner in the mechanism and fill out the chart, identifying the 2 atoms used and the distance between them. Also identify the secondary structure in which it is found (e.g., a-helix, ß-strand, tight turn, or loop). Residue (name & #) Ser His Asp Identify the most relevant inter-atomic distance and identify the atom name (click on it in PyMOL) (e.g., "CB" or "C4" or "OG") Atom in Ser: Atom in substrate analog: Atom in His: Atom in Ser: Atom in Asp: Atom in His: distance between atoms (Å) 2° structural context/nWhat other residues in the enzyme are important for binding MHET? Identify at least 4 that seem to play an important role. Residue (chain, name & #) Atom of the residue and the substrate analog? distance Type(s) of interaction (e.g., H-bond, between charge-charge, coordination bond, van der Waals) atoms (Å) 2⁰ structural context Which, if any, of these residues might explain why MHET is a good substrate, but BHET is not? And how would it explain the substrate specificity?See Answer
  • Q15:c) The enzyme contains 5 disulfide bonds. Given that this is a secreted enzyme, is this expected or surprising? List the 5 disulfide bonds below (e.g., "Cys41 - Cys142") and circle the one that you would expect to be most important for enzyme activity.See Answer
  • Q16:d) Going back to the first question, briefly discuss the roles of the 2 (sub)domains in the mechanism of MHET hydrolysis. Broadly speaking, what role does each one play?See Answer
  • Q17:Consider the reaction mechanism shown below for this question: CH₂ CH₂ NH₂ CH₂ CH₂ Lyase O Ligase 6 Oxidoreductase Transferase O Hydrolase CH₂₂ CH₂ 0,PO 5 CH CH₂ What class of enzyme does this belong to? O Translocase CH₂ 20,P H₂C CH₂ CH₂ 2 CH₂ 20,PO CH₂ 20,PO Net₂See Answer
  • Q18:Bonus: Determine the primary sequence of the following peptide. (10 Pts) A. Trypsin treatment generated the following fragments: (LFVCYMGFR) (HDITNAATYR) (AEK) (CPS) (K) (QIVAAR) (LWVANK) B. Chymotrypsin treatment generated the following fragments: (AEKL) (F) (VCY) (MGF) (RHDITNAATY) (RL) (W) (VANKKQIVAARCPS) C. Thermolysin treatment generated the following fragments: (LF) (VCY) (MGFRHD) (ITNAATYR) (AEK) (LW) (VANKKQ) (1) (V) (AARCPS) Legend: Trypsin = Lys & Arginine (R.) Chymotrypsin = Tyr, Trp, Phe, Leu (R.) Thermolysin = Leu, Val, lle, Met (R₂)See Answer
  • Q19:1. Why does EDTA (structure shown below) quench DNA polymerization reactions at physiological pH? Show the mechanism involving the atoms in EDTA that may be responsible (3 points) میری HO HO OH OHSee Answer
  • Q20:2. A DNA polymerase is isolated and found to have an error rate of 1 in 106. (6 points, 3 each) A. Suppose that the error rate is determined solely by the relative stabilities of incorrect and correct base pairs. What would the difference in free energy between correct and incorrect nucleotides incorporated by the polymerase have to be in order to explain the error rate? B. Solution studies of isolated oligonucleotides indicate that the energetic difference is actually -1.2 kJ.mol-1. What is the equilibrium constant of correct-incorrect base pair discrimination based on these solution studies?See Answer

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