2. (30 marks) Module 6 related The following information is taken from recent annual reports and 10-K filings of six publicly traded retailers. All financial information is in $ Millions. Required a. Compute the Inventory turnover ratio and days inventory outstanding for each company. b. Compute the gross profit margin for each company. c. Based on your calculations above, how would you rank the performance of the six companies? Explain. d. Although all six firms are retailers, it could be argued that they exist in different market spaces. Group them into three groups of two similar competitors. Identify what the three sub industries are that you have chosen. Does this affect your analysis from part (c)? e. Compute the following non-financial ratios for each company: Revenue per square foot and revenue per store. What do you observe? f. For each of the three groups which competitor would you consider is doing better? Explain.