a) Calculate the cracking moment Mer G b) Using the transformed area method, determine the moment of inertia of the cracked section c) Calculate the flexural stresses fe, f, and f's. A 30 ft long fixed-supported T-beam is loaded with a uniform distributed load consisting of a 1.2k/ft dead load (including weight of beam) and a 1.6 k/ft live load, as shown in the figure. Becausereverse moments occur at the ends, the T-beam is reinforced with 3 #8 and 3 #10 bars at the topand 3 #8 bars at the bottom of the section with clear distances as shown in the figure. Use normalweight concrete with f'e = 4000 psi and Ec = 3600 ksi, and Grade 60 steel (f = 60,000 psi,E = 29,000 ksi).%3D%3D%3D

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