A wide flange steel beam, shown in the figure below, supports a permanent concrete masonry wall, floor slab, architectural finishes,mechanical, and electrical systems. Determine the uniform dead load in kips

per linear foot (klf) acting on the beam. The wall is 9.5-fthigh, non-load bearing and laterally braced at the top to upper floor framing (not shown). The wall consists of 8-in. lightweight reinforced concrete masonry units with an average weight of 90 psf. The composite concrete floor slab construction spans over simply supported steel beams, with a tributary width of 19 ft, and weighs 50 psf. The estimated uniform dead load for structural steel framing, fireproofing, architectural features, floor finish, and ceiling tiles equals 24 psf, and for mechanical ducting, piping, and electrical systems equals 6 psf. The uniform dead load acting on the beam is

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