Bhakti Movement in N. India, the impact of Daoist philosophy in Chinese or Japanese culture, the importance of Confucianism in Chinese history.Another type of approach you can take is to

compare a concept or practice between two religions. For example, comparing the devotional practices of a Vaishnavite to a Shaivite, or Hindu vs Buddhist meditation, Daoist philosophy compared to Zen Buddhism, Chinese monasticism compared to Thailand, Soto vs Rinzai Zen.Another possibility is to do a paper more generally on the nature of religion, such as the various types of religious experiences found in the history of religion.You must check in with me to get approval on your topic. I want to see at least 6 different sources used.It's to be 6-8 pages (250 words/page) and I want you to cite your sources throughout the paper, not just as a bibliographic list at the end. MLA style is to be used.

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