In steam power plants, open feed water heaters are frequently utilized to heat the feed water by mixing it with steam bled off the turbine at some intermediate stage. Consider an open feed water that operates at a pressure of 1600 kPa.Feed water at 75 °C and 1600 kPa with 360 m/s is to be heated with steam at 400 °C and 1600 kPa and 750 m/s. In an ideal feedwater heater, the mixture leaves the heater as saturated liquid at feedwater pressure 20 m above the inlet lines at100 m/s. if the heat loss is 1200 kJ/kg of steam,determine: 1. The ratio of the mass flow rate of the feedwater and the steam(7 2. The ratio of the mass flow rate of feed water and exit stream(4 marks) 3. The diameter in mm of the feedwater flowing pipe if the feed water flow rate is 1.5 kg/s(4

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