In the thermos shown in figure 4, the innermost compartment is separated from the middle container by a vacuum. There is a final shell around the thermos. This final shell is separated from the middle layer by a thin layer of air. The outside of the final shell comes in contact with room air. Heat transfer from the inner compartment to the next layer q, is by radiation only (assume the space is evacuated). Heat transfer between the middle layer and outside shell q2 is by convection in a small space. Heat transfer from outside shell to the air g3 is by natural convection. The heat flux from each region of the thermos must be equal at steady state (that is q1 = q2 = 93).Find the temperatures T1 and T2 at steady state. To = 500°C and T3 = 25°C. \begin{array}{l} q_{1}=10^{-9}\left[\left(T_{0}+273\right)^{4}-\left(T_{1}+273\right)^{4}\right] \\ q_{2}=4\left(T_{1}-T_{2}\right) \\ q_{3}=1.3\left(T_{2}-T_{3}\right)^{4 / 3} \end{array}

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