Judith Jarvis Thomson's article "In Defense of Abortion"(p. 175 in the 4th edition, p. 237 in the 5th edition, of the textbook Doing Ethics or at,Fall02/thomson.htm) and Don Marquis' article

"Why Abortion Is Immoral" (p. 194 in the 4th edition, p. 256 in the 5thedition, of Doing Ethics or at get reprinted a lot and are probably considered modern classics. However, it seems to me that each essay makes a (different) serious, glaring error that undermines their arguments. See whether you might be able to figure out either or both errors (10 points possible for each article). I will not likely respond to your answers during the week unless there is a misunderstanding Ithink should be addressed. Try to help each other out.Notice that the Thomson article argues abortion is right if the woman chooses it and the Marquis article argues that such elective abortions are wrong, and that I am saying both articles are flawed. That means you have to figure out how they can both be wrong if they have opposing conclusions.

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