Perform finite element analysis using SolidWorks Simulation on the attached file: Plate With Hole 3-1.SLDPRT Show the Von Mises stress as demonstrated in class. will be assigned or m Designates problems that introduce ne EXERCISE 1-Effect of Mesh Size at Hole Location supported (Fixed/immovable) at its left-end and subject to an axial, tensile force of 370 A rectangular bar with a centrally drilled hole is illustrated in Fig. E3-1. The bar is kN applied normal to its opposite end. The bar is made from 2018 aluminum alloy. Open the file: Plate With Hole 3-1. 210 • Material: Mesh: 210 Figure E3-1-Aluminum bar with central hole subject to an axial force. A geometric discontinuity is present in the form of the 40 mm diameter hole. (All dimensions in mm.) TTT 2018 Alloy aluminum (Use S.I. units) In the Mesh property manager, select a Ⓒ Standard mesh. High quality tetrahedral elements are to be used. Use three different meshes as specified in parts (a, c, and d) below. • Fixture: Fixed (Immovable) restraint applied to left end of the model. External Load: 370 kN applied normal to the right-end causing tension in the bar.

Fig: 1