Q3 (15 marks) a) Examine the OpenChoice screenshot in figure Q3a, using the volts per division method, calculate the amplitude of both waveforms. Using the time per division method, calculate the frequency of both waveforms. (6 marks) 1.00V 2 50.0mV 2 M 100us M.Pos: 0.000s Figure Q3a. A screenshot of two sinusoidal waveforms using a DSO./nb) Examine the circuit in Q3b. This image shows an Op-Amp. What is the gain in dB of this circuit when R1 is 10 k and RF is 15 kQ. (5 marks) 9V Vin R1 GND 5 2 GND RF Figure Q3b. An Op Amp in a circuit. c) What is the output voltage when the input voltage is: a. 1.5V DC (2 marks) b. 5V DC (2 marks) Vout

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