(Q3) Encode each of these videos at the following target bitrates using MPEG-2 and H264: Bitrate BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BRO (Bitrate Offset) = ceil (Last 3 digit (Z#)/2) For instance, if Z123456789, BRO=ceil (789/2); if Z234564013, BRO = ceil (013/2). BR1 BR2 Input bitrate 5000 BRO 4000 - BRO For each video, complete the following table with actual bitrate achieved, corresponding Y PSNR and encoding time collected from the output of the fimpeg encoding process. Record data in one table for each of the five videos. Video Name: Sunflower BR3 BR4 BR5 3000 BRO 2000 - BRO 1000 BRO Bitrate achieve d (MPEG 2) PSNR (MPEG 2) Encoding Time (MPEG 2) Bitrate PSNR achieved (H264) (H264) --Encoding Time (H264)-

Fig: 1