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3: According to heat storage system, calculate the following a) The heat stored in 80 m³ Liquid Sodium by heating it from 150°C to 450°C. The density of Liquid Sodium is 750 kg/m³ and the specific heat of Liquid Sodium is 1260 J/kg°C. b) The Molten Salt volume requires to store 600 MWh if the is stored in Molten Salt by heating it from 150 °C to 450 °C. The density of Molten Salt is 1680 kg/m³ and the specific heat of Molten Salt is 1560 J/kg°C. c) Based on part a & b, which heat storage system has better energy density level.

15. For wind tower serviceability limit states, which of the following is correct? (1%) a) Tower tip maximum deflection should be more than 1 1/4 % b) Tower maximum top rotation of 6% is allowed c) Tower tip maximum deflection of 1 ½% is not acceptable

33. Describe what is a soft tower strength? (2%)

20. Show the three equations for calculating the wind tower vibration frequencies using the Rayleigh's Method: (3%)

13. The three wind turbine design safety factors are: (2%) а). b) c)

10. Write out the exact name of the ASCE wind profile models: (3%) NWP: NTM: EWM:

7. What are the seven steps in the general procedures for wind farm development? (7%)

a) SHS: b) RB: с) С: d) PG: e) HU:

26. Define the turbulence intensity, Iv (show equation): (3%)

Task 1 Your company is currently working on a project - Solar Tracker. Solar tracker is an automated tracker which uses LDR to sense the sunlight. A microcontroller reads the LDR voltage and signals the connected motor which rotates the panel towards the Sun.

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