When the slider-crank mechanism is at the position shown, link AB has an angular velocity ofMAB=3.2 rad/s, and an angular acceleration of aAB=0.8 rad/s. Assume that links AB and BC aremassless and that slider C weighs 12 lbs. The system parameters are as follows: LAB=2.5 ft, LBC=1.8ft, B=45°, 0=45°. Note that link BC is in horizontal position.

29: Determine magnitude of angular velocity of link BC, OBC [rad/s].

:Determine magnitude of velocity [ft/s] of point C, vc.

:Determine magnitude of angular acceleration of link BC, aBC[rad/s*].

12: Determine magnitude of acceleration [ft/s ] of point C, ac.

: Determine magnitude of force [lb] in link BC, FBC.



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