5. Multi-Sim Op Amp Element: Now use a 5-terminal op-amp to simulate circuit 1 (Do not use the 3-terminal op-amp). Be sure to connect the op-amp to +Vcc=15 V and

-Vec=-15Vpower supplies. Let Vs = 1V, R2 = 20K, R1 = 80K and RL = 1K. Use a voltage probe to measure output voltage Va and use a current probe to measure lo While the simulation is running, click on input voltage to change its value from1V, then 2V, then 5V and note how the output voltage changes. b. Beside your circuit, indicate the circuit number, also your first & last name using a text annotation (found in the area with the voltage/current probes). c. Obtain a screen capture of your circuit and results for Vo when the input voltageis 5V. FOR SUBMITTED LAB REPORT, PLACE THIS AT THE END. d. What were your results for output voltage V. for 1V, 2V, and 5V?

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